Disney T-Shirts

Well, here is the first of what I assume may be MANY posts about Disney.  We're 41 days out (NOT that I'm counting?!) and I am in full Mousekegear!  I've been working hard on an autograph book for Reagan, which has now turned into one book per park b/c there are SO many characters to meet!!!

Well, the only project I've actually completed are her shirts!  I still have two to make, but those are fabric and these were all iron on glitter.  O.M.G.  I die.  Amazing.  I am so in love.  These pictures do them NO justice.  And man, was this easy?!

The bottom left shirt is BRIGHT blue, I have NO idea why it looks that way.  Oh well, it's just a picture!!

Anyway - these were so easy.  I used this product:

I was worried at first b/c most iron on glitter has a protective sheet and this didn't, but I shouldn't have worried!  I used a Sharpie to trace the pattern (in reverse!) and then cut it out and ironed it on.  I followed the instructions to a T and it was perfect.  These are so easy to use.  I used my Hobby Lobby coupon and got each set for about $7 - I used the pink, blue, purple set and the red, black, silver set.  So easy.  If you can cut and iron, you can make super cute shirts!!  I'm really excited to have a friend making cute bows to match, I'll have to post the shirts and bows all together when those come in!

I'm also working on a Disney Binder to keep us in the know and up to speed when we get there.  I ordered the dividers a while back and they are spectacular!  More about that to come.

Have you used iron on glitter??  What do you think?!