Reagan's 4th Birthday {Real Party}

I know I've been MIA lately... well, maybe make that MWNA - missing with no action! Some of you may know that I started a small boutique design business earlier this year and it has just absolutely taken off lately. I have been devoting a lot of time to my business and therefore, I began to neglect my blog. About a month ago I announced that I'd be focusing more on my business than this blog. I will keep the blog, because there will always be days like today when I have something I want to share with you! They just may not always be close together!!  Please make sure you visit me at Posh Peony Creative Designs - I'm really building a portfolio and I'm available for just about any design work you need!

Today, I finally have my own party to share with you! Without further ado... I present Reagan's 4th Birthday!  All photos were taken by our FABULOUS friends at Captured by Jason Photography!  Many, many, many thanks to Jason & Kristin Merritt for helping us preserve and cherish this day!!

I chose a Rainbow theme for Reagan's birthday for a few reasons... the first one was the tablecloth!  I found it on Pinterest via Hip Hooray.  I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to put my sewing skills to the test, and boy was it a test!  More on that below...  The next reason I chose the rainbow theme was the sheer availability of color.  How much more color can you get than rainbow?!  The options were endless...

The dessert table was the main focus with 36" balloons providing the backdrop, although my red balloon wasn't filled to capacity and was very gimpy!  It was the only thing I could complain about, so for tha I'm grateful!  I made a cake, cupcakes, cake balls, cake push pops and rainbow jello (well, my husband made that!) and then we also had M&M's and rainbow Twizzlers.  I think my fave were the push pops!  The dessert table also featured 7 pictures of Reagan in glittered frames.

The cake was all white cake with buttercream icing, more info about the cake below, because as you can guess it was not just white!  The cupcakes were mixed - some rainbow chip and some were white cake dyed rainbow and layered.  The push pops were rainbow chip mini cupcakes with rainbow colored icing and nonpareils.  The cake balls were made from white cake, golden Oreos and buttercream coated in almond bark.  I'd originally planned to layer the Jello, but after much consideration I decided to serve each flavor individually.  I like the way it turned out, but did you know Jello melts in 100° Texas heat?!  Yeah, it was quickly Jello soup!  I designed and printed buffet cards for the dessert table as well.

The first truly original idea I came up with was a drink bar.  Thanks to Pinterest, it wasn't long before I realized it was not as original idea as I'd thought!!  Don't you hate that?!  I served seven different flavors of Kool-Aid - cherry, orange, lemonade, limeade, berry, watermelon kiwi and grape.  You can't actually buy 7 colors, you can buy 6 so I bought an invisible one (watermelon kiwi) and dyed it indigo!  It worked!  I also had paper straws (not pictured) so you could mix and match your rainbow!  The cherry and berry were big hits, the lemonade was not, haha!

I had a lot of ideas about decor, but I knew I could easily go overboard and I really wanted the focal point of the decor to fall on the tablecloth, so I used some honeycomb balls to give some height to the decor.  I also painted and glittered Reagan's name to place on the entertainment center.  We placed balloons all through the house and outside, but again that 100° Texas heat causes balloons to pop almost immediately when they head out of the house.  We had balloons popping ALL day!  I also knew I wanted to make a tulle wreath, and I did this one differently than my last (found here).  I used all seven colors and I LOVE how this wreath turned out!!  It stayed on my door until Halloween!  The day before the party I also made some time to create a small garden flag using materials I had on hand.  It turned out to be very cute!

I sent the kiddos home with gable boxes that had crayon rolls (making 20 at one time is a TASK for sure!), pencils and rainbow colored bubbles inside, and I somehow did not ever get a picture of any of that!

Back to the cake... as I'm sure you guessed, it was layered with the rainbow inside!  All seven colors... I will say - it was MUCH easier to make this cake than the layered cupcakes, go figure, right?!  Reagan LOVED it!!!

Ahhh... the tablecloth!!  This took me WEEKS... and by the time it was said and done I'd used 3360" x 6" of colored fabric and then ruffled it by hand since the ruffler foot I purchased for my sewing machine was the wrong foot.  I was so pleased with the outcome of this tablecloth and I can't wait to find more reasons to use it!!!  It was a true test of will... and something I will cherish forever!  Am I a nerd?!

Needless to say, a fun time was had by all...!  My precious princess turned 4 and she was able to spend an amazingly colorful day with all her friends and family!  Thanks so much to all who came and made her day that much more special.  We are all so blessed!!


Cupcake Social - nonpareils, cupcake liners (mini & standard)
Love to Party - rainbow candles
Little Yume - paper straws
AOC Welding Supply - amazingly priced helium for my oversized balloons!
Factory Direct Party - small cups and spoons (Jello)
American Balloon Factory - 36" balloons (great prices!)