Top 10 Party Must Haves (Party Trends)

Here are some party items I am currently totally obsessed with!

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These aren't necessarily a new trend, and I've seen some party pro's suggest that these are or should be on their way out of the party scene... but, as usual I'm always a little late on the uptake and just finding these and I LOVE them!! Now beware... if you've never placed a paper straw between your lips, it does feel funny at first!

There are many shapes and sizes of paper lanterns floating around out there today - and I love them all! I've even seen many tutorials on how to make them yourself (not this particular version though). I love the fact that you can hang these and party or you can light them as well - which is GORGEOUS!

Yep... I said 3 FOOT!!! They are large and in charge, that's fur sure! But boy what a beautiful popping presence they have! Although as I am quickly learning, they may not be so practical for every party, at least not in mass quantities. Each balloon ranges between $5 and $8 and with helium becoming one of the most expensive gases in America... inflating the large guys can get pricey. But I think they are SO worth it!

These have been around forever... I remember making them in class in elementary school. But they are coming back and the are here with a bang! They can be found in almost every party picture you see and since you can make them in every color or scheme imaginable they fit in well from birthday parties, to baby showers to weddings. Beautiful, playful, dainty and bold all at once.

This is a huge hit right now... I actually just had this conversation with Kyle... I'm not sure if they were becoming a huge hit before but they definitely have hit the party scene running with the large popularity of Milk & Cookies parties. These are so neat, look great with those paper straws and give a wonderful presentation!

Bye bye paper birthday banners, hello fabric bunting! Well, paper banners aren't totally gone... but these guys sure have taken over! You get amazing textures, patterns and colors and many times you can make them no-sew! Oh and shapes... you can have pennant shaped, scalloped, square... so pretty!

Again, these really have been around forever and they went from party drab to party fab overnight! I think the key to their reappearance is how they are hung - with the right grouping of colors and sizes, you can create a gorgeous cascade of dainty tissue in a bold arrangement.

What an excellent DIY - so many great resources for ideas on how to make these adorable cupcake stands. Many use items you see everyday from wood circles to old candlesticks... slap on some paint and ribbon and viola! Tiny cupcake stands!! Love the professionalization too...

How adorable are those?! Gable boxes are a huge party favor holder these days. And they come in so many colors and some prints - and so easy to personalize. You can add tags, letters, ribbons... anything to make these your own personal party perfection!

These great hats are making their way past 1st birthdays... and with this amazingly simple fabric hat tutorial you can make one for very guest! Such an eye drawing detail and I'd bet they'd make for one happy party kid!

I hope you love these as much as I do!!! Party on my friends... party on...! :0)