Obsession alert: Mason Jars

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I have a massive obsession with Mason Jars. I think I've always liked them, but it really started after I bought just about every store out of them last year between Reagan's birthday and Christmas! I love them. And here are some great ideas on how to use them... as if I needed more fuel for my fire!

Click image to enlarge.

I love all of these ideas, and I had to throw my own picture into the mix (you'll know which one it is... bad lighting, and all... haha!). Did you know you could do ALL this with a Mason jar?! I know I will be using many of these ideas soon... very, very soon!!

Salad in a Jar
This would be so cool for an intimate brunch/lunch as well.

Flowers in a Jar
Where to start?! My fave flowers in my fave vases, hanging from my fave new textile - twine!! Perfection!!

Mason Jar Pincushion
Must.do.this.now!! I'm always on the search for a cute pincushion and how much more perfect could this be - it offers storage as well! Great and easy tutorial!

Chalkboard Paint Jar
Yep... she's a genius!! Perfect for your playroom, classroom, craft room... anything! And you can ever buy chalkboard paint in various colors - the sky is the limit here!

Jars as Decorated Drinking Glasses
I got this fabulous idea from Jessica over at Party Box Design. It's too perfect!! I'll be using it again this year, so watch out!!

Pasta Salad in a Jar
Stunning! What a great vintage flair for any party. Love this idea!! The recipe looks amazing too... just sayin'!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar
Babble - by Brooke McLay
Why yes... I died and went to Heaven when I saw this!! Directions on how to make it included... see you later!!

Floating Candles in a Jar
These lovely beauties are from a wedding reception - sure wish I'd thought of that!!

Cookies in a Jar
How can you not include these amazing cuties from the lovely Bakerella herself?! Perfection in a jar...!