Fabric Organization

I don't know about you but I have a LOT of fabric... I buy it for something, have every intention of making it... and rarely get around to it!! I have yards and yards of fabric... Hobby Lobby should be scared!

That much fabric poses some problems... one of which is storage. I share my craft space with my guest bedroom so I use the dresser for storage. I originally just folded my fabric and tried to organize it by collection... but really I just ended up with a massive amount of heaping material.

So... a few weeks ago, I came up with this:

I fashioned this after the reams of fabric at the stores... At the end of last year I ordered a box of the large Flat Rate postage boxes and didn't use all of them... shhhhh... so I cut the boxes up and made 8x11 and 4x11 sections. Then I used the large pieces for anything 1 yd or more and the small pieces for anything more than a scrap but smaller than 1 yd. Some of the small ones I doubled up on too.

So, this was my latest organization project. The entire room is being re done right now, so I'll post more pictures and ideas soon!