Top 10 Birthday Party Themes

Hey guys! I have been doing tons of party research in preparation for Reagan's upcoming 4th and I'm coming across some of THE most amazing parties and I HAVE to share them with you!!

In no particular order...

Not only is this party done in amazing shades of pink and yellow, but it is a perfect mix of cute and elegant. I'm in love with everything from the flowers to the cake... the favors to the birthday girl's tutu - serious cuteness here!

Jess is total party GENIUS! She plans the biggest bashes for her little girls birthday each year. She also hosts a massive Halloween party each and every year. Everything matches at her parties, from the lawn furniture to the bottle labels. She leaves no detail undone.

What I love most about this party are the colors... blue and lavender are stunning together and definitely stunning here!! I love the delicate look of this party, the games and the fact that it is for two children 3 and 9 - TOTALLY versatile!!

Looking for a cute boy party? Here you go! This would be perfect for little boys birthday and I LOVE the color combination. Make sure you check out the cake pops, they are ADORABLE!! And the paper patterns used here... well, they're absolutely perfect!

This party is so NEAT! Not only are the colors sublime, the party centers around a photography theme! A photo booth was set up with a professional photographer and the invitations... OH!!! So wonderful!! ♥ this party!

I am dying from the cuteness of this party!! My niece and Reagan are the same age and Krystal would LOVE this party!! Make sure you check out the invitations and the fantabulous milk bar!!

I'm a sucker for Nautical... I think if I had a little boy I'd totally go Nautical on his room. That sounds bad... haha! But beyond loving the Nautical, I love the red, white and blue and especially the addition of the baby blue. The cake and cupcakes are perfection!

I love Carnival parties because they can be for a boy or a girl, and GREAT if you have multiples!! This party is really different from the other Carnival parties I've seen - everything is amazingly gorgeous and the party hats are SO cute - they used clown noses on the tops of the party hats!! And check out these cupcakes, hello?! Genius!!

LOVE THIS!! I love the colors, the printables, the cake... everything! And I love that while mom gets to go all out and throw a super cool party, it is totally perfect and boyish. You get to have a candy bar and all kinds of super yummy goodies but not make it too girlie. Perfection!!

I know I said in no order, but I think I saved this for last on purpose...

There truly are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe this acsolutely stunning party from Paula at Frog Prince Paperie. The details are beyond perfect - I have a huge must check out list, so I'll list it! You must check out: her unbelievably gorgeous daughter, the cake... click here to see more... the push pop containers and MY OH MY OH MY OH MY!!! YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THESE COOKIES!!!!! I have never... ever... ever... ever... seen anything more amazing than those cookies. I don't know how ANYBODY actually ate those!! Wow... unreal attention to detail. Talk about party of a lifetime.