Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere!!

Cupcakes are perfect. They are just the right size, they are easy to make, they taste delicious and there are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES of flavor and decorating options. Seriously, what more could you ask for?! I have been seeing some AMAZING cupcakes float around Pinterest for some time now and I just HAD to bring them your way! So... I created a collage of the best 50 cupcake flavors I could find. None of these amazing cupcakes are my own creation but I've linked you to the creator as well as the recipe - because who needs pictures of cupcakes if you can't actually make them, right?! Here you go... happy cupcake making!!

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We'll go across and then down...

Row 1

1-A -Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcakes - Bailey's and chocolate chips mixed into the cake itself and Bailey's buttercream frosting?! Well slap me a leprechaun! I'm in!!

2-A - S'More Cupcakes - Courtney over at Pizzazzerie brings us these amazing S'Mores cupcakes along with S'Mores truffles. Uh huh... you read that right!

3-A - Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes - Chocolate cake filled with caramel sauce and topped with caramel buttercream icing? I might pass out from a sugar coma just LOOKING at that thing!!

4-A - Vanilla Chai Tea Cupcakes - This recipe comes at you from across the pond, so make sure you're good at conversions!

5-A - Toffee Mocha Cupcakes - Espresso buttercream icing?! Do I REALLY need to say anything more?!

6-A - Oreo Cupcakes - As if the cookies and cream whipped cream frosting wasn't enough, there is actually a double stuffed Oreo in the bottom of this baby! Oy...!!

7-A - Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes - Do you have a weakness for Boston cream pie? Yeah... me too... Must try!!

8-A - Dulce de Leche Cupcakes - Dulce de leche is just about my favorite flavor under the sun. I get dulce de leche cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, I ♥ dulce de leche Haggen-Daz ice cream and I pretty much crave anything with that name!

9-A - Tres Leches Cupcakes - Don't confuse Dulce de Leche (sweet milk) with Tres Leches (three milk)... there's a BIG difference! Although this particular cupcake does have dulce de leche buttercream icing. The major difference here is that one of the three milks is coconut milk. Ahhhh....! Splendid!

10-A - Pistachio Cupcake - This cupcake, made with honey buttercream was actually adapted from the cake recipe in the link provided.

Row 2

1-B - Oatmeal Cupcakes - This cupcake has a coconut icing filling and is topped with caramel whipped cream. Say what?! You had me at coconut...!!! And did you see that caramel drizzle on top?!

2-B - Cinnamon Cupcakes - These amazing little goodies are topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Hello breakfast!

3-B - Apple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes - Yes... this is actually a cinnamon roll wrapped up like a cupcake... isn't that amazing?! I've seen plenty of these floating around but the apple addition made this one catch my eye.

4-B - Banana Split Cupcakes - I can't stand the cuteness!! ADORBS!! And hello... check this out... banana cake, strawberry and pineapple filling with vanilla frosting topped with chocolate ganache, sprinkles AND a cherry on top!! Sinful...

5-B - Vegan Red Velvet Cake Cupcakes - Yes that gorgeous little creature is completely vegan and topped with vegan cream cheese frosting.

6-B - Mississippi Mud Pie Cupcakes - Chocolate cake topped with toasted marshmallows, toasted pecans and chocolate frosting. Hello Heaven!

7-B - Pink Champagne Cupcakes - This recipe takes a simple boxed cake mix and turns it into a bubbly masterpiece! And how adorable do they look?! These would be perfect for a bridal shower or bridal brunch and the decor, as great as that looks, is actually quite simple! Amazing :0)

8-B - Coconut Lime Cupcakes - Here is another vegan treat - a lime and coconut cake topped with a lime buttercream icing and flaky coconut! I can taste the summer goodness just looking at it!!

9-B - Pina Colada Cupcakes - Pineapple cupcakes with coconut cream cheese icing. Topped with toasted coconut, a sliver of pineapple and a cherry - perfect for backyard entertaining all summer long!

10-B - Orange and Cranberry Cupcakes - Any type of orange cake is a fave of mine! My great-grandmother always had orange cakes :0) Add in cranberries, um yes!!

Row 3

1-C - Meyer Lemon Cranberry Cupcakes - I'm really loving the cupcakes baked in paper ramekins. How cute?! And these cupcakes topped with sugared cranberries are gorgeous.

2-C - Rocky Road Cupcakes - Well, hello there Paula Deen! I would venture to say these are NOT vegan cupcakes...! Never seen a Paula recipe that didn't have at least 2 sticks of butter... this one has 3 :0) My favorite saying is, "Can't go wrong with Paula" - I've never had a single recipe turn out badly.

3-C - Lemon Drop Cupcakes - Yes, this actually has crushed lemon drop candy in it! Jolie, are you reading this?! Immediately thought of YOU! Plus, the directions include instructions for making those adorable and bright lemon wheels.

4-C - Margarita Cupcakes - Uh huh... I said margarita!! WOO HOO!! The icing on top is the perfect shade to mimic the amazing frozen concoction. And yes, the cake itself has a small amount of tequila baked in. Having friends over for fajitas by the pool?! Must.serve.these!

5-C - Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes - Lemon zest and fresh blueberries mixed right on in to this cake mix, then topped with lemon cream cheese frosting and a fresh berry. Simple. Elegant. Delicious!

6-C - Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes - In Corpus there was a small restaurant and bakery that made creamsicle muffins... if these are anything like those... well, let's just say my hips won't be nearly as happy as my taste buds!! Orange cake with marshmallow icing AND orange buttercream icing!!

7-C - Nutella Cupcakes - These chocolate cupcakes are filled with nutella and then topped with a nutella buttercream icing. My husband would go bananas for these! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

8-C - Raspberry Cupcakes - What do you do with leftover marshmallow icing?! You put it on raspberry cupcakes, of course! These are guaranteed to be moist, they have raspberry yogurt baked into the cake. Delish!

9-C - Lavender Cupcakes - This one also comes at you from across the pond, so make sure you're willing to convert the measurements. I think these are lovely... I'm thinking spa day delight!

10-C - French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes - Yes, bacon... on a cupcake! It's kinda the newest hottest trend in cupcakes... and no, it's not vegan either!! I'm contemplating making these for Father's Day, my hubby sure loves french toast AND bacon... I'll keep you posted, LOL!

Row 4

1-D - Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes - These are so cute and I bet they are scrumptious!! You actually bake the jelly into the cupcakes, which I've done with cookies before and it was delicious. Then top them with peanut butter buttercream icing and a little powdered sugar -yummy!! I love the blue wrappers in this picture... for muted cupcakes, adding some color in that form is a MUST!

2-D - Mint Chocolate Cupcakes - This blogger uses Andes mints to create a chocolate-mint wonder! And... they're topped off with mint cream cheese frosting...!

3-D - Pink Lemonade Cupcakes - These are the cupcakes that started it all for me. A few weeks ago, I was browsing Pinterest and saw these cupcakes and fell in love. I really didn't know there was this large of a world of flavored cupcakes out there! These would have been PERFECT for Reagan's 3rd birthday party. I will make these soon, for sure!! Add pink lemonade drink mix in the cake batter and then top with a pink lemonade buttercream. Refreshing!!

4-D - Green Tea and Strawberry Cupcakes - I'm totally loving these in miniature! So adorable. These green tea cupcakes are filled with strawberry custard and topped with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream icing. This would be another great shower or party cupcake.

5-D - Triple Butterscotch Cupcakes - You had me at butterscotch, that's for sure! Butterscotch cupcakes, butterscotch frosting and butterscotch drizzle? Oh wow....

6-D - Peach and Bourbon Cupcakes - That just sounds sinful and delightful all at once, now doesn't it?! And it makes me want to talk with a deep southern drawl... which I really don't to start with! Thinking sweet, southern, Georgia Belle with a little sweet peach tea... and that silly girl added some bourbon to that tea! Can't you just hear them talkin' about her, bless her heart! Ahh... onto the cupcake! This peachy cupcake is topped with a peach and bourbon buttercream!!

7-D - Peach Tea Cupcake - Maybe I should have saved my sweet Southern Belle story for this cupcake?! Oh well...! Tea infused butter graces this cupcake which is then topped with a Lemon cream cheese frosting. That's it... I'm making these now! Well, after I finish this post anyway!!

8-D - Pumpkin Cupcakes - I know pumpkin is usually reserved for the fall, but if you're like me - you miss it in the summer! This is a traditional pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing, but Ihad to include it... ooey-gooey-pumpkiny goodness!! Come to mommy!!!

9-D - Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes - Banana cupcakes with banana pudding filling, topped with vanilla pudding frosting and graham cracker crumbs and a banana slice. Wonder how this would be with Nilla wafers instead of graham crackers?! Ahhhh....!!

10-D - Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes - I had to include this one... even in summer heat we can long for Christmas!! These are so cute with those pink wrappers and pink icing... I bet they are just as delicious too!! These peppermint mocha cupcakes are topped with a peppermint meringue style frosting. Oh Christmas... please come!!

Row 5

1-E - Tiramisu Cupcake - Oy... oy, oy oy...!! Tiramisu is my all time, absolute favorite dessert. I have an AWESOME recipe for the traditional dessert that I will share with you soon, promise!! In the mean time you get this... a tramisu cupcake!! Any vanilla cake mix you like mixed with Kahlua and coffee and topped with mascarpone cheese icing. Let me say this though... she uses cream cheese and states that the original has mascarpone and it's just all the same...! No. No. No. It is not the same! Use the mascarpone. You may need to add a little more sugar though, LOL.

2-E - Watermelon Cupcakes - CUTE. CUTE. CUTE!!! Did I mention these are cute?! These watermelon flavored cupcakes actually have "seeds" in them courtesy of black sugar pearls!! The cupcake is topped with watermelon buttercream and more black sugar pearls, coat the edges in sugar and viola! An adorable watermelon cupcake!!

3-E - Creme Brulee Cupcakes - Chocolate cake stuffed with creme brulee that has been sugared and torched and topped with fresh strawberries. Do I really need to say anything else?!

4-E - Root Beer Float Cupcake - What do you top a root beer float cupcake with?! Ice cream!! Root beer cupcakes topped with ice cream and drizzled with root beer syrup. So neat!!!!

5-E - Grapefruit Cupcakes - These might just be perfectly adorable... but grapefruit too?! How light and crisp does that sound?! Grapefruit cupcakes topped with honeyed Italian meringue buttercream. WOW!

6-E - Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes - Chocolate cupcakes with a cherry sour cream icing and topped with chocolate covered cherries!!! Amazing!! And I must say, the double liner on this is SO cute!! Totally worth presentation points, and how hard is it to add an extra liner?! ♥

7-E - White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes - This fabulously simple recipe looks spectacular! White chocolate cupcake, white chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings... perfect white chocolate combination. Ohhhh.... have a groom-to-be who loves white chocolate?! GREAT option for grooms cake!!

8-E - Carrot Cake Cupcakes - I just made carrot cake cupcakes at Easter! Wish I'd seen these...! Carrot cake cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and topped with chopped walnuts. I don't even like carrot cake, but for walnuts, I'll try anything!!

9-E - Cappuccino Cupcakes - This may be the most moist cupcake ever... made with cream cheese and sour cream and topped with a double shot latte buttercream... add a chocolate covered coffee bean and viola! Cappuccino cupcakes - late night study group, anybody?!

10-E - Key Lime Cupcakes - Key limes are special - they are tart and they are perfection in the shape of a small green ball. My aunt and uncle grow them in their backyard, Uncle Rick's key lime juice is my daughters fave drink!! So delish!! These adorably green key lime flavored cupcakes are topped with key lime cream cheese icing and zest from the lime itself. I really wish I could just grab it through the screen right now...!!

And there, my friends... are 50 amazing cupcakes!! ENJOY!!