Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tulle Wreath Tutorial

A friend of mine made some tulle wreaths to hang in her home and when I saw them... I had to make one too! Thanks Amanda!!!

I got the idea to do red, white and blue since Memorial Day is right around the corner, followed by Flag Day and then the 4th of July. I can keep this one up until mid-July easy and honestly... red, white and blue is ALWAYS in season... God Bless the U.S.A.!

There are a few different ways to do a tulle wreath, but I wanted this one to retain the stripes look, so I tied it just as I would a tutu. I am dying to make another one, so I will use another method and post that later!

Patriotic Tulle Wreath Tutorial


12" styrofoam wreath form
2 (25yds) matte white tulle spools
2 (25yds) matte red tulle spools
2 (10yds) royal blue glitter tulle spools
2yds coordination 1 1/2" ribbon
3 wooden glittered stars
hot glue gun with glue sticks


Start by cutting your tulle strips into 22" pieces. If you have a smaller wreath, you will want to adjust this size. I would suggest that you cut a 22" strip then trim it to the desired length and use that as a guide to cut the rest of your strips. I used A LOT of tulle... not quite 2 full spools of each color but pretty close... We're talking over 100yds of tulle on this baby...! Make sure you don't mind your area getting messy... the blue glitter WILL get everywhere!!

After you cut your tulle and have it laid out for easy access, glue your ribbon to the wreath. I used hot glue to attach it. Glue the ribbon starting at the bottom and working up the sides for added stability. Overlap the other end of the ribbon on top of what you just glued on and repeat the directions. It should look like this (don't worry about frayed ends):

I started with the blue tulle on the left side of the ribbon and worked my way about 1/4 down. Then, starting on the right side of the ribbon, I tied 3 red, 3 white, 3 red... etc. etc. Since the flag stripes begin and end with red, I wanted to do that too.

To tie the tulle on I use a loop and pull method. Start by folding the tulle in half. I came under and over to tie, but you can go the other way - just make sure whatever direction you choose that you use it throughout the wreath.

Bring the ends up and slip the folded end over your fingers.

Pull the open ends of the tulle through the folded end as shown:

Pull tight and arrange. Push up to the top of the wreath and continue with another piece.

Once you've finished placing all your tulle... check for uneven ends. Trim these with scissors to make the ends more uniform.

I hung my wreath just to make sure it looked right... this is also a great time to see where you need to trim. I tried to gather the blue and red around the ribbon to hide the ribbon as best I could.

I found these great star picks at Hobby Lobby and they are 3/$1.00. They are in the 4th of July section. The metal pick pulls right out, no problem. Remove the sticks and discard.

Lay the stars out on your wreath to gauge where you'd like to place them. I placed my outer stars on the edge of the blue and red to help cover the ribbon as well. Glue your stars on and hang! That's it!!!

It's tedious... the tulle cutting and tying, but it's SO worth it!! It's very easy to do, it just takes some time. You can also use a rotary cutter and a self-healing cutting board to cut your tulle, but scissors are just easier for me.

If you make a wreath using these instructions, I'd love to see it! Please link me to your pictures!!


  1. Samantha, "Wow! I want to make something like that." Jessica, "Okay. This week."

  2. What a clever idea! And thumbs up on the tediousness, I did the similar technique for my construction party wreath using caution tape

  3. When I cut some spools of tulle to use for another project I just cut through the center of the spool of tulle all the way down to the tube with my rotary cutter. I then only had to unroll the strips and cut to the length I wanted. You can cut any width all at once but be very careful as you cut (DUH) so you don't cut yourself!

  4. @Silvas - it was less than $20 to make it. I bought all the tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby.

  5. This looks really wonderful and I can't wait to make one of my own!!!

  6. How wide were your strips?

  7. Love the wreath. What is the width of the tulle on the spools? Also, where did you purchase the tulle?

    1. From the picture it looks like the tulle spools are like the ones from Hobby Lobby and they are 6 inches wide

  8. What is the purpose of the ribbon?

    1. It is for hanging the wreath.

  9. I'm working on a tulle wreath right now. :-)

  10. I'm making two

  11. Does anyone know why when I tie the knots they are loose and are easy to pull off? Am I tying them wrong?

    1. Tie two knots. I am almost done with a tulle wreath and that's how I am doing mine.

  12. Does 2 (25 yrds) tulle spools mean each spool is 25 yrds, or the two together equal 25? Just trying to decide how much to buy--seems like an awful lot.

  13. I made it! Thanks for the instructions and idea!

  14. Just made mine! Turned out great! Thanks!

  15. I love this so much, I've featured you here . Please stop by when you get a chance & grab a "I've been featured" button from the side bar. You can put it in this post, side bar or both. Thanks so much :)

  16. Love it! I'm going to make this here for September 18th here in Chile! (Like 4th of July for the US, but with less fireworks and more drinking!)

    There are no Joann fabrics or Walmarts here to buy craft stuff at, but I found one store with tulle, and now I just need to find something to use for the foam wreath form... maybe a wooden circle! We'll see what I can find. :)

  17. Love your tutorial! We were just about to make a wreath for Christmas ourselve and were looking for inspiration, stumbled across this page -- Love it!

    As a quick tip for cutting the tulle, wrap it around a piece of cardboard that is cut to the length of the strips you are going to use.. continue wrapping for however many stips you need, then simply use your scissors to cut one side (through all layers). One cut, and you have all of your strips!

    Hope that makes this easy project just a bit easier for you :)
    And naturally, for those folks that don't have a craft store with reasonable tulle colors or prices, a quick search online will find lots sources to order on the web!

    this woman stole your photo, she stole mine as well. Just and FYI.


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