Party Inspiration Board: Surf's Up (Boy Birthday)

Surf's Up Party Inspiration Board

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I'm really excited to bring you this Surf's Up party board... I was having a hard time thinking of a good boy party that didn't use a character and when surfing popped into my mind, I flew with it and never looked back!! I also love these colors for any boy, no matter what age. This will work for toddlers, tweens, teens and then some. I hope you enjoy this board and are able to use the ideas from it. Of course... planning for a boy is SO different than planning for a girl. It seems like the party industry just caters to girliness, so this was a challenge for me and it may explain why you don't see my typical femininity.

I'm going to start from the top left corner and work my way right and down.

Surf Shack Sign - What a way to set the mood?! Place this at your front door, at your back door, on a stake at the beach if that's your venue, hang it from the table... you name it, this sign can go there. And how perfect is it for this party?! The sign measures 22" x 12" and can be purchased for $27.50.

Photo courtesy of: Bungalow Beach Designs

Surf Board Thank You Notes - Thank You notes are still essential party needs... and as your child gets older it's important that you try to let them write their own notes. Depending on their age, this may mean writing their own name or penning the entire note alone. These Thank You's are so cute, simple and perfect for this party. This is also a great DIY opportunity... a little homemade goes a LONG way, especially when you're saying "thanks," it makes it that much more genuine. If you're not up for making these, you can order them from

Photo courtesy of: Mad4Plaid Cards

Gummy Sharks - What Surf Party is complete without the ever present shark?! I'm not sure that I'd suggest playing Jaws in the background, but... sharks are always uber cool to boys and totally necessary for a Surf's Up party theme! These Gummy Sharks are so useful - you can have them in a nice container such as this, you can float them in drinks, you can add them to mini cupcakes. Look for another use further down...

Photo courtesy of: Green Wedding Shoes

Fish Shaped Sandwiches - Um, yes please! I'm ALL about shaped sandwiches! And to start with, sandwiches are SO versatile... I mean, you can please just about anybody with a sandwich... ham and cheese for the kiddos, chicken salad for the moms, and the dads... well, we all know they eat anything!! ;) For this theme, you could mix it up even... ham and cheese sharks, chicken salad surf boards, turkey and swiss fish... so many options - change the bread for another varied look. Here is a great place to buy cookie cutters: Copper Gifts

Photo courtesy of: Family Fun Friday

Shark Bite Surf Board - How cute would your tablescape be with two of these babies flanking the sides?! Or, hang it on the wall above the table. And what a perfect prop for pictures of the birthday boy and all of his friends.

Photo courtesy of: Sunday Treasures

Shark Tooth Necklaces - Don't worry my friends... these are not REAL shark teeth! But if you'd like those, you can certainly get them... LOL! Growing up on the beach, shark tooth necklaces are something that remind me of childhood... strolling through Pat Magee's Surf Shop in Port Aransas in my bathing suit and a spray painted t-shirt... haha... those were the days, LOL... and for those of you that know me in real life... you know I loathe the beach, ha! These necklaces would be perfect in goodie bags or out on the table with sun glasses and sun tan lotion for all your guests to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of: My Party Planner

Boardshort Cookies - Planning a party with a theme like surfing is so great because there are so many other themes and ideas you can incorporate into the details. Like the sharks above, boardshorts are a surfing must-have. You could totally use my Best Ever Sugar Cookie Recipe and this shorts cookie cutter from above mentioned Copper Gifts.

Photo courtesy of: Hello Naomi

Surf Board Cake - I found quite a few cakes when looking for planning ideas, but this one stuck out because of it's craftsmanship. Everything about this cake looks professional to me and I love the graham cracker crumb sand! You can totally personalize this cake to better fit your colors. I love the designs on the boards themselves and the lifesaver. You could even add a few shark fins to the water down there to add to the cake.

Photo courtesy of: Cake Central

Surf Shop Invitation - 4 words... WOOD.GRAIN.STATION.WAGON! So cute!!! You can easily buy these invitations through Pink Pickle also offers matching cupcake toppers, address labels, thank you cards, note cards, bag toppers, gift tags, stickers, labels and more. One stop shop!!

Photo courtesy of: Pink Pickle Studios

Shark Fin Cupcakes - ♪Duh nuh... duh nuh... duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh...♫ AHHHHH!!! These cupcakes are SO cute!!! So cute and I bet so delicious as well, ha... Oh, can you imagine biting into these made with red velvet cake?! HAHA... ok, sorry... I'll save my macabre ideas for later! So, you could also dye a white cake with blue food color and have a continuation of the water theme. I love the icing style on these cupcakes... so perfect for this party theme. You could also use blue and white striped cupcake liners such as these from The Bakers Confections.

Photo courtesy of: Kara's Party Ideas

Shark Infested Waters (Jell-O) - This was one of the first ideas I saw that made me fall in love with this theme! I want to do these just to do them, they are adorable!!! I love things that are already put together... make the jello, pour it into these cute little cups, add a shark and a sppon, refrigerate and viola! You have just made one of the biggest hits of your party!! And to tell you the truth... I don't even like Jell-O... but I am gaga over these. And how easy are they?! You could make these the night before and not even touch them again until time to set them out. You could even make a small "Danger! Sharks present!" sign to have near them.

Photo courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events

Surf Report - This has to be one of the most "duh!" moments of this entire board... have a chalk board or an easel in the playroom?! Then this is a must! Even if you don't, this could easily be applied to a poster board. And don't worry if you're not an artist... you can do this easily!

Photo courtesy of: Kara's Party Ideas

Keep Calm and Surf On - Well, you all know about my Keep Calm obsession, as reported here, so when I saw this it was a must have on this board! This sign comes in many colors and is so easy to print and place in a rustic wood or a distressed white frame, place on the table and keep moving! You can buy this image from

Photo courtesy of: Keep Calm Shop

Soda Pop - Orange Crush is perfect for this party! But really, you could use any drink found in these old fashioned bottles. My biggest ♥ in this picture... can you guess it?? The paper straws!! I'm a huge paper straw fan, as you found out from the last board. I also love that you could easily customize these with your own labels. And make sure those boys throw these bottles in the recycling bin... you can wash these and save them for your next party for sure!

Photo courtesy of: Green Wedding Shoes

Surfboard Garland - Totally cute but totally for a boy at the same time! I imagine moms of boys have a hard time when it comes to party planning... you want to use your creativity to the max, but you can't get too girly, which can be easy to do and therefore you need MORE creativity to walk this fine line! This is really cute and so easy to make... Print a ton of surfboard images on the computer and cut them out, string them on some twine and hang... it's that simple! If you want to get a little more advanced, you could customize the boards with names, dates, phrases... you name it! You can also buy this exact garland on as well.

Photo courtesy of: Magic Markings Art

If you are seriously contemplating a Surf's Up theme party, I would really suggest that you spend some time looking at these two parties:

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The details in these events are endless and there are so many more ideas than what I could fit onto one board.

Now, I have a question for you... with these boards, would you like me to give you an individual picture of each item with it's description?? So you'd have the board all together as it is now and then also each individual picture for better viewing? Or is it fine like it is? YOU TELL ME!! This is for YOU!!!

Surf's Up my friends!