It sure is a MIGGY life!

When you're reading my blog... do you ever wonder "How do you say that name?!"

My last name, Muegge... is pronounced like "Miggy." Imagine saying piggy, jiggy, figgy (as in pudding), biggie (as in "it's no...") - got it?!

So... It's a MIGGY Life :0)

When Kyle and I started dating, we'd known each other a while, but I never knew his last name. When he told me "Muegge" (again, think Miggy), I said - because I'm just THAT cool, ha! - "Like the plane?! The Russian MiG?!" I'm still not sure why that popped into my mind, but it did. It's a good thing he didn't think I was a total dork!!

I often joke that with a name like Sharla, which nobody ever spells or says correctly either, I was lucky to have my maiden name - Kelly. As a teen and in my early 20's when I would give people my name for a waiting list or an order... I always said "Kelly." It was SO much easier than sitting there spelling my name 2-3 times for one person who would inevitable still write it incorrectly. When I go to a restaurant and tell them Sharla and then hear hem call "Charlotte," I've learned to just say "Yep! That's me...!" So now, I'm pretty much always Charlotte Myujah, Charla (with the hard 'Ch') Moo-egg, Sharia Moo-gee or so other crazy variation of my not-all-that-crazy name. Now, I just use Kyle's name everywhere! "I need a table for 3, my name is Kyle!" :0)

When we win raffles at picnics for Kyle's work or otherwise have people who don't know us try to call our name out, we hear "Kyle Mmmm... Mmmm... ummm, Mmmm... hmmm... Kyle?!" Yep :0) That's us!

It was so important for me, when picking baby names, that we name our daughter (or son) something that would allow them to be an individual but also not plague them their whole life with "Can you spell that AGAIN?!" Poor Reagan will always have to defend her last name, so hopefully people won't have many problems with her first name. Although you'd be surprised the ways I've had people spell Reagan.

So, that's that... It's definitely a Miggy life with THAT name!