The Best Thing I Ever Did With My Cricut

Do you own a Cricut? You should! It's the BEST tool ever! Well, I'm partial to the Cricut because it is what I have, but any type of die cutting tool is a must have.

I have the original Cricut, what some now call the baby Cricut since it only cuts on a 6"x12" mat and not the 12"x12" mat (although, honey... if you're reading this... BIRTHDAY!). I was on the fence about buying a Cricut, mainly because of the price and the fact that I just wasn't sure how often I'd use it. I found it on sale at Joann's for $69.99! I bought it THAT day and even though it is not something I use everyday, when I need it... it's PERFECT and SOOOO worth the 70 bucks! Now, if I could just find the big one for that price... ha!

So, the first thing I used my Cricut for was Reagan's playroom. I really wanted to do an educational theme in that room and I also wanted to do some homeschooling with her (EPIC FAIL!).

I cut these letters and numbers from textured cardstock and stapled them onto the wall (excuse the unpainted walls... never could decide on a color so I never painted that room, ha!):

Just thought I'd share :0)