5 Things I'm in Love With

Hey guys! I'm currently working on a huge design project that I'm excited to debut in a few more days (hopefully late this week, early next week) as well as 2-3 craft projects that I am hoping to start putting up Wednesday and some new Inspiration boards... but in the mean time, I don't want to leave you all high and dry!

I have been seeing some amazing ideas around the blogosphere lately and I want to share the my favorite things I've seen in the last few days. In no specific order, here are my current top 5!

1. Chocolate Covered Oreos Tutorial from Amanda at Shindig Parties to Go


First of all... if you've never visited Amanda Parker... go, NOW! I'll wait right here... although you may be gone for HOURS!! She is absolutely amazing... times infinity! This tutorial is easy to follow, gives you a list of supplies needed AND places to buy them and also provides wonderful step-by-step pictures. There's nothin' not to love about this... and NO reason not to make these for your next event.

2. Crayon Holder from Heidi at Mom's Crafty Space

Totally up my ally... I am a firm believer in color separation when it comes to crayons, markers, etc. Before I sit down to color I make sure that all of my crayons are organized by color, shade and then alphabetically if too similar. I know... OCD... I've told you before! But this is perfect for your playroom... great coordination and sorting skills!

3. Tissue Paper Poms from Toni at Design Dazzle

These have been on the top of my love list for a while... I did tulle poms for Reagan's last birthday, but I'm thinking I'll do tissue paper poms this year! Cute, inexpensive and easy... what more could you ask for?!

4. Disco Dust by Sunflower Sugar Arts

Picture courtesy of: Sweetopia.net

Disco Dust is something I posted about, briefly, when I posted the green and pink cupcakes. Disco Dust is this insanely amazing edible glitter that comes in about 35 different colors. It makes your cookies gorgeous!! I am planning a cake for Reagan's recital using disco dust... I have actually been dreaming about that gorgeous sparkle!!! Oy....!!!

5. Cupcake Push Pops from Christi at L♥ve From The Oven

Obviously... these are from Easter... but HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?! Hello!!! CUTEST.THING.EVER! Can you imagine the endless possibilities with these?? From colors to flavors to toppings... and what better thing to send your guests home with than these adorable cupcake push pops. There are many places around that you can buy the plastic guards right now, but I tell you... they are HOT HOT HOT so buy them now if you've got a party in mind!!!

Hope you love these ideas as much as I do!