We're Home!

Well, we are home from a short vacation with Nana in Houston, Texas. Each year my hubby heads to Ft. Worth, Texas to watch the boys go round and round at Texas Speedway! Kyle, his dad and brother headed out to Ft. Worth early Friday morning to hit up both the Sprint Cup and the Nationwide races. And each year, Nana, Reagan and I have a girls weekend as well. We've spent the last few years shopping, but once Reagan hit 2, that wasn't so much fun anymore!! This year, we decided we'd head out to H-town and try to find some kid friendly things to do.

Thursday evening, we got into Victoria around 9:30PM so of course with all the unpacking and seeing Nana and PawPaw for the first time in weeks, Reagan was up until around midnight (groan... ha!). The boys woke up at 5AM to get ready and head out and wouldn't you know... Reagan woke up then as well! Oy... But, I figured that she would fall asleep in the car since it's about a 2 hour trip to Houston. Nana and I packed up and we hit the road around 9AM. In between Victoria and Houston is this WONDERFUL meat market/convenience store/gas station/restaurant/a little bit of magic... called Praseks. It is the most amazing little piece of Heaven in this world!! Well, on Highway 59 anyway, LOL. We got some Piglets (mini pigs in blankets), Reagan wanted an apple turnover (which she hated, haha) and some turkey jerky. Ever had turkey jerky?? AHHHHHHHH... I could it eat it ALL day, EVERY day!! And it's healthy - dried out turkey... but lovely flavors. So good! Reagan loved it!! We finished our drive to Houston, sans nap and made it to the zoo around 11:30. We loved the Houston Zoo. The zoo here in San Antonio is wonderful but very different from the Houston Zoo. I must say, there are WAY more species of animals and more of each animal there. They have like 6-8 giraffes, including a baby while the giraffe here in SA died over a year ago (RIP Daisy) and we still don't have another giraffe. They have a red panda, ummmm.... hello! ADORABLE! Also, they have a really neat Sea Lion exhibit and they do a short Sea Lion show, similar to the dolphin show at TSA for my Corpus mommy friends. The zoo is SO large and spread out with a reptile house, an aquarium and a children's section with a carousel, petting zoo, play area and more. It was lovely. And, if you have a zoo membership elsewhere you can use it at the Houston Zoo to get in free or discounted (depending on your mother zoo). SA Zoo gets 1/2 off. Another great aspect about the zoo is that it offers SO many sitting areas and shaded walkways which is absolutely lovely in Texas heat. We spent about 5 hours at the zoo and then headed to our hotel to check in.

Have you ever tried to drive in Houston in 5 o'clock traffic on a Friday afternoon?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... The 5.8 mile drive took us around 1 1/2 hours. Yup... you saw that correctly... 90 minutes for less than 6 miles. Reagan did pass out in the car once we left the zoo, so the traffic was really a blessing in disguise, since it gave her more of a chance to nap. We realized after we missed the exit where we wanted to go eat we probably should have eaten and then gone to the hotel, so we checked in and headed straight back into the traffic to eat at the Rainforest Cafe in the Galleria. The drive back was easy peasy :0)

We took Reagan inside the RC here on the Riverwalk once, but we didn't eat there. We sat in between the elephants and the gorillas and she LOVED it! She was so excited about everything and since it's also right by the ice rink, she loved watching the kids skate as well.

We finally made it back to the hotel around 7 and got settled in. Of course there was only a shower and no tub, so bathing Reagan was hilarious! We brought her DVD player in but it doesn't live long on the battery, so after 15 minutes all we had was the TV. We finally hit lights out around 9. Reagan originally said she wanted to sleep in Nana's bed, but then crawled into my bed. I asked her to scoot over so I could get in and she told me "No, this is my bed, you sleep on the floor!" TOOT!! She finally got in the bed with Nana and after the lights were out about 5 minutes she said "OK... I ready to go home now!" LOL I guess she thought we'd just hang out there and then go back to Nana's!

Saturday morning we had breakfast in the hotel, drove to Conroe to shop at Sam Moon's and then hit the Downtown Aquarium. We were expecting a full size aquarium similar to TSA in Corpus, although maybe not as large since that one is state funded... no... this is a restaurant with some aquatic exhibits and at the end... a large white lion den! Don't get me wrong, it was interesting and Reagan loved it... but for the money, I wouldn't go again. We also rode the train ride that goes through the shark tank which was a little freaky... and the carousel about 3 times! Reagan loved it, that's what counts, right?! Reagan loved petting the sting rays and we spent quite a bit of time there. I was really proud of her, she usually goes in strong and then gets scared and won't do it! But yesterday, she really let go and enjoyed it.

We left the Aquarium around 3 or so and headed back to Victoria. We stopped to let Reagan play at Chick-fil-A and eat and then on the road again. I fully expected a nap again, and again... no nap! We got to Vtown just in time to freshen up and then hit the door running to our cousin's dance team exhibition. Reagan sat through all 3 hours of the recital and loved it... that's my girl! We had such a great weekend with Nana and ended it with some of our fave girls!

Kyle took our big camera with him to the races, so I only had our point and click. I didn't take many pictures but Reagan took a ton, LOL...

So, I'm behind this week on meal planning, gardening and my blog challenge. I will catch up tomorrow, what else are Monday's for?!

Also - we're so close to the giveaway!! We currently have 120 "Likes" on our Facebook page and when we get to 150 I will announce the info for the giveaway. It's a LOVELY headband from Bella Rose Hair Accessories. Check our Facebook page (link to the right) to see pictures of the beautiful headband.

Kyle and I will be kidless this weekend, Reagan is headed back to Victoria to spend the weekend with Nana and PawPaw and go to a company picnic with them. We are really looking forward to the weekend and having some alone time!! Now we have to figure out what to do?! :0)

Hope you all had lovely weekends... watch out for a plethora of posts tomorrow!