Watch My Garden Grow - Week 2

Yes, this week was hard... not posting about the garden EVERY day! And, as hard as it was, posting about it now is just as hard... NOTHING has happened! There was such a large difference between planting and Week 1 and pretty much no difference between Week 1 and Week 2. I was hoping to see the beginning of some actual fruit, LOL... maybe I'm impatient?! Yeah, I am... :0)

Well - growth or no growth - here are the pictures!!

Zucchini and Crooknecked Squash
These have still changed the most - the leaves just spread more and more each day. They are really getting large. They also have the healthiest leaves.

Jalapenos and Red Onions
The white on the leaves is from some Miracle Grow foam Kyle applied yesterday :0) I know this sounds funny - but I SWEAR - you can smell the heat when you get close to them!

Tomatoes, Sage and Red Onions
Not much has changed here... sage is still the best of the herbs.

Tomatoes, Sage, Cilantro and Red Onions
We actually used some of the basil last week! I'm still really worried about my cilantro... you know how you can hold up tomatoes in those small wire baskets? I think my cilantro needs that!!

Green Onions
My green onions are FINALLY starting to sprout!! It's not much, but it's something!!

So, that's the garden for now... maybe next week will be more exciting!!!