The Versatile Blogger award - My FIRST award!!

I am so thrilled to say that Emily from Remarkable Home has given me my first blog award!

The Versatile Blogger

I can not even begin to express my gratitude towards Emily. I came across her blog last night, immediately fell in love with one of her recipes and began to peruse her blog. AH-MAZING! True and total genius happening over there! Emily's posts range from recipes to furniture re-do's to crafting to party tips and plenty of giveaways in between it all! And not only does Emily post daily (and then some), but she is a wife and a mom to FIVE boys!! Yes, ladies... FIVE boys! Emily... you are my hero!! Please take some time to look at Remarkable Home - I KNOW you will not be disappointed!!

As a Versatile Blogger recipient, I must now share 7 facts about myself with you...

1. I am deathly afraid... and what I really mean by that is BEYOND deathly afraid... of FROGS! It is probably one of the most severe and life altering fears I have. I am also seriously afraid of needles, but frogs... frogs are WAY worse. Of course my friends and family constantly hang this over my head, and for some odd reason frogs are *of course* attracted to me. In the past year, I've actually had 4 frogs TOUCH me (two of them actually FELL on me)! Ugh... many tears were cried and showers taken over these incidents! Yes, I am THAT afraid...! Thankfully... my mother-in-law is just as afraid of them, so I have somebody who understands me when I'm hysterical over a frog!

2. My entire Willow Tree Nativity scene is STILL on display in my living room! Creche, shepherds, Wise Men, sweet baby Jesus and all...! I'm not lazy, I'm just in love with it. Although, laziness may play some part in it. BUT... it's so beautiful and one of my most prized possessions.

3. At the age of 2, I would eat endless bowlfuls of Brussels Sprouts. And, I still do. My mom would also buy me my own individual bag of spring peas as a child. The rest of my family shared a bag and I had my own!

4. My husband and I were engaged 8 weeks after we started dating and married 6 months later. We were pregnant after 6 months of marriage and have NEVER looked back. It was shocking to our families, but we knew it was right, and here we are 5 years later. We traded in our Texas Country Concerts for the Disney Channel, and for the most part, we wouldn't change a thing!

5. To keep our father from killing a trapped feral pig on a hunting trip, my sister and I named the pig Penelope and proceeded to give our father the worst guilt trip of his life. He released the pig the next morning, much to his hunting buddies dismay! Penelope, wherever you may be, I pray you were never bacon! He also never took us to the lease again... :/

6. I am obsessed with shoes. Before we moved to our new home, I donated around 80 pairs of shoes to charity and still had over 60 pairs left. After Christmas, I invested in shoe storage systems that provided space for 41 pairs of shoes and I have to double them up to get them all to fit. I only wear about 5 pairs on a regular basis though - 3 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of flats. I also buy more than 1/2 of my shoes in the kids department since I wear a size 5 1/2.

7. Not once in my life have I ever dyed or highlighted my hair. When I was in the 7th grade, my cousin and I put Sun-In in our hair and laid out by the pool. It turned my hair red, but that's not what my mother noticed when I came home that evening. She noticed how dark my eyebrows were and lectured me for an hour about dying my eyebrows! It was quite a while before I could convince her that I really didn't dye my eyebrows, but had attempted to bleach my hair! Never did THAT again...!!!

OK, that's that.... Seven of the most odd facts of my life! Thank you AGAIN to Emily and stay tuned, because I will pick my very OWN Versatile Blogger soon!

Now that I've gone as far as to post this, I'm praying she doesn't inform me that this was an April Fools Day joke... haha!!