Top 5 Things You always Need In Your Pantry

Recently, I've been a little under the weather.... Oak season is in full swing here in San Antonio and we recently had a small cool front (which I'm actually very grateful for, even though it brought on the nastiness). I was miserable Thursday, functioning Friday and Saturday was pretty good, but yesterday was back downhill with sinus pressure and headache. So far today, I'm all good! Still don't quite have a voice, but I feel better and have some energy - any plus is a big plus!

So... Thursday, Kyle was home in the afternoon and Reagan was BEGGING to make cupcakes. So, daddy went to work and made cupcakes WITH homemade icing!!!! Pink homemade icing, might I add!

This got me thinking... I was SO grateful not only that daddy was home but that all the needed ingredients were in the pantry. Thursday, it occurred to me... it is a MUST that every mom have what's needed to make a cake or cupcakes in her pantry every single day! So, here is my Top 5 for what every mom needs to have all the time.

In no particular order... here they are!

Cake Mix and Icing
A box and a tub... that's it! Well, you know... oil, water, eggs, yada..! But make sure these two things are always in your pantry! If you use it, like we did Thursday, buy a new one. Kids had a rough day at school? Nothing brings a smile like a cupcake can... and oh, those little grubby 3 year old fingers LOVE to get messy in that icing!!

Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate milk... on ice cream... by itself... need I say more?!

Peanut Butter
Some of you may say that your kiddo doesn't like peanut butter... or maybe you don't like it. I was that kid... hated peanut butter. But, I kept trying it and now I do like it. Reagan, she likes it too, ha! She usually wants a PB&J without the J. But, peanut butter offers so many more options... it's yummy... on crackers, on celery, on sandwiches, on bananas. It is rich and creamy and homey... it is your moms warm hug on a sunny day when you're 5. Peanut butter embodies childhood. Oh, and have you ever put it on the roof of your dogs mouth?? Oh yeah... hours of laughs!! Sorry Frosty... :0)

All shapes, all sizes... all the time! Pasta is SOOOO cheap... you can usually get a package of pasta for about $1 and it will feed half an army, for sure. Our family keeps bowtie, rigatoni, linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti and angel hair at all times. It is so easy to throw some pasta in a pot of water, boil it, toss it will some butter or italian dressing or spaghetti sauce... And when mommy has a horrible day and daddy works late... you always have something to feed your kiddos. Along with eating the pasta... you can also play with pasta! Pasta is such a great tool for little fingers to learn with. They can sort it and make patterns with it, they can count it, they can string it (really great for elbow macaroni or ditalini), they can also glue it to paper to make just about anything their imaginations want. This is also great with different beans and peas, but for me that's not as much of a pantry staple, ha! Of course, make sure you supervise these activities as hard pasta, beans and peas are choking hazards.

Country Time Lemonade
Or, I guess whatever brand you like... but powdered lemonade of whatever sort is a must have!! When Reagan turned 3, I made a whole heaping batch of strawberry lemonade. Our little cousin Cailee (who really isn't so little... Miss High School Freshmen!), fell IN LOVE with it and while I dismissed it for how simple it was to make, it made me remember being a little girl and drinking lemonade at my great-grandmother's house. The beauty about lemonade is that it brings back memories with every sip... it is so cold and so perfect and so... well, you get the point! And while your little ones may not have the memories to conjure up yet... rest assured they are making them! In my dreams, my wish for Reagan is to remember running into the kitchen with mommy in a skirt and an apron making dinner and pouring ice cold lemonade from a glass pitcher with real lemon slices in it... in black and white... hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! But... that would be ideal.

I really wanted to make this a Top 10... but, I started typing and only 5 came to mind immediately, so I figured I'd charge you to the next 5!! Can you help round my list out to 10? What are the things you need in your pantry all the time?