So Much To Do and So Little Time!

So much to do!! Oh my... I have so many things that I really want and need to do. I really need to get both my recipe box and cleaning chores box done. I still haven't made my room by room to-do list and then there are various crafts and projects I need to start.

I am going to start selling something new through my ETSY account... and I'm hoping to have a big release this week or next. I'm really excited about this, I've searched all around ETSY and I've found nothing else like it... so stay tuned for that! *meep* I'm going to try to have it available through my blog as well.

I still haven't started Reagan's Easter shirt or hairbow, and that's already 3 weeks from now... losing time on that one! I also just got the ribbon to make some hairbows for a friend from church, so I will be doing that tomorrow. Hopefully getting into the craft room will help motivate me further! I have her shirt all planned, just need to actually make it.

And all of that is on top of getting on top of my weekly to-do list AND going out of town Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

So, you may notice a decrease in posts this week - not sure how much I'll post while I'm gone. Reagan, Nana and I are headed to make some trouble in Houston! Should be fun!!

Off to work on one project NOW!