Ribbon Flippies

OK, summer is fast approaching and these are the cutest things ever! As always, I have to seriously apologize for my photography... but this time, it's worse! LOL... I somehow had set the camera to some unknown setting that changed the lighting, or something?? No idea... but needless to say, I didn't realize it until after and I didn't take more pictures.

So, bear with me...!

These are SO easy to make. Can you cut ribbon with scissors? Can you tie a knot?? Well, then this is the project for YOU!

First, buy these from Old Navy...

Any size, any color. Toddler sizes have a strap on the back. You can leave it on or cut it off, the ones below have the strap on.

Next, you will cut ribbon. I think I cut all my pieces 5-6". Cut one piece, tie it on and see if the length works for you. I used 1/4", 3/8" and 5/8" ribbons. The skinnier, the easier to work with, but the width variations add to the final look. I made Reagan's to match a zebra and pink outfit, but go crazy with your ribbon! For this I picked solid white, pink and black, zebra stripe and pink with black polka dots. Now, I won't lie... this takes some time folks! But, grab your stuff, a glass of wine and a girl friend and make away!

What you need:
Variation of ribbons - 5-6 ribbons in different sizes
Lighter (to seal ends of ribbon)
Needle & Thread (if putting bow on back)

Cut all of your ribbon to size. I also cut each piece at an angle. You could use scissors that give the ribbon a zig zag effect, but the ribbon will fray, so if you want a rough edge look, this would work well. Heat seal straight and angle cut ribbons.

I started on the edges and worked my way in. Double knot each ribbon so that it will stay put. When you get close to the center, start on the other edge. The center will take some patience, but it won't be hard.

I wanted to spruce up the back of the show a little, so I made a small bow and hand sewed it onto the fabric strap.

Here is an upclose view of the ribbons and how they are tied... just regular ol' knots.

OK, simplest project EVER, right?! I'm serious, it is SO easy. I will be making more of these soon - ohhhhh... and think how CUTE these would be for the 4th of July?! Little firecrackers on your toes!!!! And it's so affordable... the flip flops at Old Navy are $3.50 and with ribbon always on sale at Hobby Lobby - you could do the whole project for less than $8. So worth it!