Reagan's 3rd Birthday Party

For those of you who are my "real-life" friends, this is old news, LOL... but for my new blogging friends, I wanted to share my daughter's 3rd birthday. I found so many great ideas online and took many liberties with Jessica's daughters birthday over at PBD. When I saw the pink and yellow party she did for her little one, I fell in love and HAD TO do it for my daughter as well! I love going with a non-character theme. Reagan's first birthday was all pink and white and polka dots. Her second birthday had a cupcake theme. I really neglected her second birthday since we'd moved into our new home in a new city just 3 weeks before her party. So, when 3 came around, I HAD TO do it up big!!

I went with the pink and yellow theme and I also knew I really wanted to incorporate damask prints. I named it Toddler Chic :0) Candy buffets are so fantastic and create such a beautiful tablescape, and since the party was more family than other children, I went with it! Well, let's just say, I won't do THAT again (candy is INSANELY expensive), but it did look nice, haha! So, here are the pictures... I hope you love the party as much as Reagan and I did - she was actually so in love with everything, it made my heart melt!!

I started weeks before the party on the paper goods... weeks! I really wanted to make a paper banner, they are ALL over the place and I'd never even seen one before I started researching for her party. I know, what rock was I under?! I'd also never seen the tulle poms or the tissue poms. Wow... ha! Every single thing was pink and yellow, with accents of white and a tiny bit of black. I used my Cricut machine for EVERYTHING!! In fact, I bought it with this party in mind.

Here are some pictures of her banners:

I also wanted a door sign. I used a Bazzil pre-cut flower in yellow and then created and printed the white circle. I cut the 3 out on the Cricut with Paper Studio glitter paper.

As "Thank You's" we had the guests take home candy from the buffet. I placed clear plastic bags out with these ties.

I feel like I should warn you that while we have a nice camera, I have no clue how to use it - so please don't mind my horrible picture skills!

Cupcake toppers:

I even made Reagan a tulle pom wand... of course I forgot to give her to her until AFTER the party! *doh!*

Candy buffet and food labels:

The morning of the party, I woke up at 6AM. I'm a LATE sleeper, so this was a big deal, haha! This was my first project of the day. A good friend of mine (Jenni, from the Cuban Pork post) worked for a florist and gave me instructions on how to do the citrus in the vase. I'm in LOVE with citrus in vases. Well, citrus sliced open faced like this in ANYTHING... but definitely in vases!

This is like the ONE picture of the banners hanging... I so wish I'd tried to get more! It's not the best picture, but it gives you the idea. I have more detailed pictures if you want a better look.

I also loved the Mason jar as a cup idea and tied super cute pink and yellow "3's" on them.

Yep, I even changed the candles out on my candle sticks...

I made a string of tulle poms for the entertainment center and the swing set.

Here is an overall view of the tablescape.

I have made cakes before, and cupcakes. But my oven has JUST NOW started to regulate properly. In September, had I attempted to bake a cake it would have been a nightmare. And besides... I highly doubt I could live up to this cake my friend Laura made!! It was absolutely PERFECT!! I painted a styrofoam R and lucked out with the yellow glitter candle. This was heaven!!

Cake balls - and the recipe for these not only uses golden Oreo's, but it's eggless!! So, if you have any egg allergies, you're covered! So yummy! This was the first thing to GO!

Candy, candy and more candy...

Gumballs :0)

Marshmallow Pops, I love these! They are SO perfect to send to school for birthday's and parties. They don't make a mess and are the perfect size for little mouths.

Pink popcorn - with the help of Raspberry Jello!

Hershey miniatures:

Candy coated Rice Crispy Treats:

More candy....!

The ABSOLUTE BEST cookies EVER! These are called Buttercream cookies - they are so easy and so incredible. They melt in your mouth. Now, that's a recipe I need to post!!!

The bar - I used CountryTime strawberry lemonade, it was a HUGE hit and it a must have in our home at all times now! I added fresh strawberries and lemon slices to it for a really neat look.

Close up of the cake, but this is the only picture you can even remotely see the water bottle labels. I did not get an actual picture of those, the sash I made for her chair and a few other things. *sigh*

The only picture I have of her in her outfit! Of course, with Nana's shoes on, but a picture of Reagan without somebody else's shoes isn't really a picture of Reagan! She inherited my shoe fetish :/

I'm so looking forward to planning her 4th birthday that I've ALREADY started, and her birthday is at the end of September! I have so many ideas and themes in mind from Candyland to Carnivals to Owls or another color party. Although, I should probably do pink and yellow every year since I have so much stuff leftover!!

I hope you enjoy these pictures and draw some inspiration from her party. Thanks for looking!!