Peeps! Peeps!! Peeps!!!

Whenever a party pops up at Reagan's school... I have a new go to item: Marshmallow Pops. Yup... marshmallow pops. They are EASY, yummy and pretty mess free for the teachers who have to clean up afterward. And all the kids and teachers seem to love them. Plus, they are so versatile... you can decorate them to match any holiday. Christmas, green and red; Valentine's, pink and red... so forth and so on.

So, it's Easter and I signed up to make marshmallow pops for Reagan's school. I figured I'd just get jimmies in pastels and go for it. And then I saw this... over at Gracious Home. Debby's daughter-in-law is a friend of mine from childhood and I LOVE her blog. She posts some beautiful ideas.

Well, after seeing Debby's post - marshmallow pops were for the birds!! Peeps it would be! I originally intended to do Peep Pops, and would have had I only had bunnies, but they had more colors in the birdies and they were so cute, I couldn't resist. But trying to do the birdies as a pop seemed a little daunting.

Here is a tutorial for decorating Peeps. From start to finish this took me about 25 minutes. So easy and so cute! Just a way to go an extra mile for your loved ones.

Easter Peeps - All Dressed Up


Almond Bark


First, start out by separating all of your Peeps. I can't tell you the last time I tried to eat a Peep, probably a few decades back... but I forgot how sticky they are! Wowzers... you get anything within an inch of those suckers and it will stick for life! So, separate and keep separated.

Warm your almond bark or white chocolate as directed.

Place the bottom of your Peep in the chocolate and make sure you get it coated well. DOn't mind my fat fingers...!!!

You will want to let the excess chocolate drip off and then also slide the back of the Peep along your bowl or tray. This will help you not end up with a bunch of chocolate hanging around the sides of your Peeps.

Immediately dip into your sprinkles. You can use anything... nonpareils, sanding sugar, dots... whatever you want. I used Rainbow Nonpareils.

Lay on foil or wax paper to dry. Depending on your chocolate, it will take anywhere from 10-45 minutes for them to fully dry, so just let them chill! :0)

Well - that's that! So easy - and so cute! Hope you all have a Happy Peepster!! ;)