Meal Planning - April 10-16

We were out of town this weekend and had a late lunch/early dinner with Kyle's family yesterday. Also, Reagan is going out of town this weekend and we've not made plans of any sort, so I'm leaving Friday and Saturday open to meals. So this week... I have meals planned for Monday-Thursday, and they are:

Monday - Anna's Meetballs w/ Noodles
Tuesday - French Dip Sandwiches w/ green beans
Wednesday - Salmon Croquettes w/ Rice Pilaf & Broccoli
Thursday - Beef Tips on rice w/ mushroom gravy (yes, this has been on the list for weeks now... haha!)

Well, that WAS my meal plan! I made the plan, made my list and went to the store. Got everything on my list. Fully thinking that I had plenty of meatballs in my freezer already. Get home, get to cooking, Kyle goes to get the meatballs and we have... FOUR! So... we put everything away, grabbed the fishsticks some mac and cheese and frozen broccoli and had at it! It worked... and Reagan ate fishsticks for the first time in her life and liked them! :0)

I'll post recipes as I make them - especially Anna's meatballs - can't wait to try those!!