It's a Muegge Easter!

Oh my, we had the MOST amazing long weekend! My in-laws were all here this weekend from Friday to today and we partied it up Muegge style, for sure!

Friday afternoon we hit up the ol' What?! A.... buuuurger! for lunch. Sorry to type it all out that way, long story... Anyway - it's a family fave! Then we took Reagan to Disney on Ice - Toy Story 3 thanks to super cool Uncle Aaron.

Uncle Aaron and Reagan outside the Alamodome.

Us - Aaron (who took the pic) waiting for the show to start.

Before the show started Reagan had a Woody Doll, a t-shirt, a a coloring book, a sno cone in a Buzz cup, lemonade and popcorn! No... she isn't spoiled... ha! The show was amazing and our seats were perfect. Reagan loved it and was so excited to see all the characters. After the show was over, we headed up to New Braunfels and had a lovely dinner at Mamacita's. Dos Equis fully dressed... enough said!

My in-laws brought a blow up mattress with them and Nana and Reagan slept on the mattress in Reagan's room. Let's just say, there was Nana... followed immediately by Reagan and then about 7/8ths of the bed left, ha!

Saturday we hung out around the house all day. We set the sprinkler up under the trampoline and went crazy jumping in it and playing with water balloons and water guns! SOOO much fun... I love being a kid with my kid!

So much fun jumping on a wet trampoline... we all had a blast!

Then we cracked oh, hmmm... about 250 cascarones.... oy! We dyed about 40 hard boiled eggs and then hit the Pinata from Uncle A. Pizza Hut for dinner and prep work for Easter lunch were the rest of my day!

Easter eggs!

This morning we headed to church a little early, but not at sunrise!

The Muegge clan! We had to wake Reagan up and get her dressed, so she was so tired.
And I had flat hair! Eh, what do you do?!

When we got home, we found the Easter Bunny had paid our home a visit!! Let the hunting commence...!!

Gorgeous girl hunting eggs.

My daddy joined us for lunch at our house but my mom wasn't able to make the trip up and we missed her a ton but it was so great to see my dad!

Sometimes wedding gifts are exactly what you needed! LOL
Fresh fruit salad with fresh whipped cream.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing
The carrot cake was boxed, I don't like it but I wanted to make them and wasn't about to shred carrots to make them from scratch, haha! The cream cheese icing recipe I'll post :0) It's perfect - not too sweet, but definitely delish.

Deviled eggs... I keep it simple and they are to DIE for. I made almost 40 of them and there are about 5 left right now! So yummy and garnished with fresh dill and sliced kosher pickles. Love to put jalapeno on them too but I didn't have any!

We finished out the day with a LOVELY much needed nap and some outside play.

Easter was lovely and sharing Easter and it's meaning with my daughter and our family was wonderful. Reagan is really starting to learn and understand the reason for all of our seasons!

Hope you and yours had a very blessed Easter holiday. He is risen indeed!