High School Reunion

While I'm in party mode from last night's post, I figured I'd keep going and post my 10 year high school reunion!

In high school, I was NOT a class officer and I had no responsibility to plan the reunion, however as the time came closer and closer...and nobody was planning anything, I felt SOMETHING needed to be done. I started a Facebook page and invited everybody from our class, asking who would plan it... no answers. Finally, in April, the Vice President of our class contacted me and wanted to take the reigns. She was able to get a venue since one of our classmates owns an amazing bar in downtown Corpus (where we went to school) and got the ball rolling on when and where, etc. Unfortunately, her impending nuptials and reunion planning were ed lot to handle and since she had to come in from very far away, dates were hard to work out, so she stepped down - leaving me... the non class officer to plan! It was a lot to digest, a lot to process and a lot to take on. I was having a hard time finding help and did eventually get a group of classmates together. I had no clue how to plan a reunion and while I know I wasn't able to get in contact with the majority of our class, we had an amazing turn out, everybody there had tons of fun and I must say - I've never been more proud of myself! It was an experience, to say the least. My husband was so scared I'd lose my mind, but with the support of my great friends and amazing classmates - I stayed sane and had SO much fun! It was perfect. I made friends through this experience that I've known for years but didn't REALLY know until now. It was lovely.

High School: Mary Carroll High School, Corpus Christi, Texas
Year of Graduation: 2000
Class Members: 652
Mascot: Tiger
Colors: Navy Blue, Columbia Blue and White

It's the most perfect school in Corpus! Ha... *gag* - but really... it's way cooler than the others! LOL

So, here are some pictures of the event itself. I need to find the pictures of some of the more detailed things.... *NOTE: the pictures Kyle and I took are horrendous... we adjusted the settings of the camera and tried everything we could think of to get better pictures, but almost everything from that night turned out awful - seriously depressing!*

The bar had this amazing stage/sitting area that was raised. We used this area to display memorabilia from our years in school. We laid out yearbooks, old school newspapers, a cheer megaphone and poms, drill team hat and poms, Senior Party picture, etc. I used paper mache letters from JoAnn's and painted them black and orange then drew the black tiger stripes on with paint pen. It would have been SO much easier to use mod podge and paper, but I couldn't find ANY great tiger print paper!! And, the Homecoming mums... yeah I had to make those, LOL - I don't have any that are still in good condition.

Close up of the letters...

Close up of the mum... making this was a SERIOUS blast from the past!

This picture is blurry, but it shoes a few things: more memorabilia, the table where we honored our fallen classmate (of which we have WAY too many for 10 years :( ...), the area the slideshow was and the voting area for the awards. I didn't get a better picture of the awards voting, but I do still have the tins, I will take a picture of those and update later.

OK, I now this is blurry as all get-out, but it gives you a small idea of the voting tins. They were covered in white, silver or blue glitter or tiger print felt and then the handles were embellished with ribbon. It's a horrible picture... haha!

I'm stuck on hydrangea's, I LOVE them. The bar owner/amazing classmate hooked me up with a wholesale florist and the prices were SO great!! So, I went with white hydrangea's with lemon leaves and we dyed the water blue. We accented with navy blue and silver glitter swirls. My friend Jenni (from the Cuban pork again, LOL) came that afternoon and arranged ALL of the flowers... I owe her BIG TIME!

A view of the bar before everybody arrived... the table to the left is the food buffet and then we set up the tables along the wall alternating between candles and flowers on each table.

Candle before meltdown:

Cupcakes! A local bakery made the cupcakes - vanilla and chocolate with blue and white icing - but my friend Laura, who did the cakes for Reagan's party, made the fondant tiger paw cupcake toppers for me. Perfect!!!

Fondant tiger paw:

I made the 2000's from poster board and then glues tiger print felt on some and glittered the others with blue and silver glitter.

Here is a felt 2000 :0)

The bar was rectangular. I placed large arrangements on 2 corners (diagonally) and then candles on the other two corners. This is one of the arrangements on the bar. Hydrangea, iris, gladiolas, and some other flowers.

I made the logo and printed them on thick paper, then backed them with a scalloped edge to wrap the large candles. We placed some of them on mirrors with several small votive candles and silver and blue glitter poms. This picture and all below it are courtesy of Neely Brook Photography :0)

Here is a better picture of some of the candles (before major meltdown!) and the candle wrap. Along with a blue glitter 2000.

Our dedication: to the class members who passed before us. It was really hard to work on this, really hard. We had a picture of each classmate, their name and a candle for each lit. The arrangement was gladiolas, iris and forget-me-nots. I'm teary writing about this now, months later. Life lost is always so sad, life lost at such a young age is tragic. We all truly miss each and every classmate.

I had so much fun planning the reunion, even through the stress! It was wonderful to see everybody - some I'd really not seen in 10 years!

I'll leave you with this... this is me IN high school, haha!!

I'm second from the left - the palest officer in the line! Oh what I'd give to THAT skinny, and I OF COURSE thought I was fat! *psh*