Capture Carpet Cleaning - Produt Review

We recently had the lovely pleasure of utilizing our carpet cleaner for a very unpleasant purpose. Toddler... potty accident... carpet... you get the picture. It was horrendous. But it made me think, I should let you guys know what carpet cleaner I use and what I think about it, right?! Here goes...

A long, long time ago... so long I don't even remember exactly when and where... somebody told me about the Capture carpet cleaning system. I even once helped a friend shampoo every single spot of their carpet with it. White carpet... hands and knees... yeah, I am a good friend! It worked REALLY well and it smells really good. That's what I remembered.

When Kyle and I bought our first home, our carpet wasn't white... but it was as close as it gets! We had a small dog at the time too. About 2 weeks after we moved in, here came the rain - of course, right?! We had a small party for Kyle's birthday that weekend and a backyard full of mud since we didn't have grass yet. You can see where this is going, right?? So, Kyle and I whip out the Resolve. We treat it as directed. Not only did the Resolve not work, it actually made the stain worse. It spread the stain out and left a water mark on the carpet. I was so sad! Brand new house, brand new carpet... big ol' stain! Next we tried some other store bought carpet cleaner and after that didn't work, the light bulb went off! Capture!!

Now, I've never seen Capture at the grocery store, we've always bought it from Lowe's. When you first buy it, it's best to buy the kit. It gives you the spray, powder and a brush. I can't remember the exact price we paid for the kit, but I want to say it is under $30. Then you can buy the liquid as needed and the powder as needed.

Did Capture get the stain and the watermark out, you ask?! You betcha! And we have NEVER used another carpet cleaner, ever again! We use it in the car, on our furniture, on our rugs... everywhere we can. It works, it smells great and most importantly it stays clean.

We use Capture ANYTIME we have a stain. Sometimes it takes two uses to get the stain, but it does get it.

To use Capture, you simply spray the affected area with the Soil and Spot remover, cover the sprayed area with a good powdering of the dry carpet cleaner. You scrub it in with circular motions into the carpet and let it sit about 20 minutes. Vacuum and viola! Clean carpet! You can also use this to condition your carpets, but it is a lot of scrubbing, LOL...

Now... I am not really a green housewife... by any means. I like my Clorox and my Scrubbing Bubbles. I am one of those that feels it's just not clean enough if it wasn't abrasive... you know?? So, I'm not sure how green it is, but it works and for me that is perfect!

Let me know if you try it, and let me know how it works for you, OK?