30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

Day 5-Your Siblings

My siblings... LOL... where do I start?! I am an only child, with siblings... :0)

My brother, Shawn, is 12 years older then I am. Well, 11 years and 363 days! He turned 12 two days after I was born. He was the super cool older brother, with long hair in the 80's and enough ripped up, acid washed jeans to make a whole slew of Batman and Robin masks out of! Shawn had our daddy's old beat up white truck when I was a kid, and I still remember him driving me around in that clunker... which if you ask him, may still be the pride of his life?! Shawn and I didn't have a typical brother-sister relationship... well, our relationship was normal, but our home life wasn't. Shawn spent his time divided between our home and his mother's home and as I grow up and raise a family of my own, I can see how this would have been very hard on Shawn. One day you have this set of rules, and the next day another... but that is neither here nor there at this time. Shawn and I were best friends. He protected me, stood up for me and most of all... he loved me. I wonder if we'd had cell phones and could call and text all the time back then, how much I'd have been in contact with him when he was away. Shawn and I played video games, ball in the back yard and rescued animals from the back yard. Now, years later... I'm still very close to my big brother. I miss him when I don't talk to him and I feel protective of him, the way he used to protect me. When I called to tell him I was getting married, he was proud and full of warnings for Kyle!! When I called to tell him I was going to have a baby... he was proud again... and full of tears! Now, he'd probably kill me for writing that... LOL! His baby sister was all grown up and for him... that was really hard to believe.

I also have a sister, Amber who is 8 years older than me. She graduated high school when I was in elementary school. Now, one of two things will usually happen with children this far apart in age. They will either be very close because there is such a difference in age or they will HATE each other because there is such an age difference. We were the latter. We got along on Easter and about every 90 days for 20 minutes. I remember tormenting my sister when I was little and I remember doing anything and everything I could possibly do to make her friends think I was the cutest thing in the world, which of course was also tormenting her! When she was old enough to drive she was tasked with driving me everywhere - to and from school, football games, choir practice, Rainbow meetings, you name it... Amber took me. Let's just say... there was much love lost, ha! When Amber was about 19 she moved to College Station. That left me the only child in the house and it worked WONDERS on our relationship. Who knew all we needed was a few hundred miles to be best sissy's?! When Amber got married, I was her Maid of Honor, which really was an honor :0) She and I are so different, I mean truly night and day, but now that works to our advantage. Our likes are so different, but we learn from each other and we can teach each other. She had my first niece when I was 19 - my first baby! Oh, how I loved my KelBel (still love, but wow... when she was a baby it was almost an addiction to be her aunt!). I would visit Amber and Kel every chance I got! As I grew older and married my sister became an even more valuable friend. She was my Matron of Honor and my rock throughout my whole wedding weekend. And, as life would have it... wouldn't you know that even 8 years apart, we found out we were pregnant on the SAME day?! Our baby girls are 13 days apart in age. And just like Amber and I, they are night and day different, and while I'm sure they will have their moments along the course of their lives, I am also sure they will be very good friends as adults!

Love you guys! And thanks for letting me be an only child WITH siblings ;)