30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Day 4-Your Parents

My parents... my parents are Mike and Gayla and they have a fairy tale marriage :0)

My parents met in high school, dated for a few years, broke up and went their separate ways. Years later, they were both recently divorced with one young child each when they met up again and knew it was forever. They were married and never looked back! That was 34 years ago. I am the only child they have together, but they raised all of us as a tight knit family.

I look so much like my father... it's unreal! When I was a little girl somebody told me how much I looked like him, and my response... because my father is BALD was... "Nu-uh! I have bangs!" But, that's probably the most truthful thing I ever said! I am my dad, with bangs! Well... you get the picture anyway! I was Daddy's Little Girl - through and through... and I'd like to think I still am!

My mom is my biggest fan... seriously. If it was dancing, choir, or running down the street - she would always have my back, telling me I'd do it bigger and better than anybody else and that I was the best one on that stage, even if I knew I wasn't - she always truly believed it. Sometimes, as a child, I thought she was just lying to make me feel better, but now having a daughter of my own... I know - they are the best one on that stage - 110%! I talk to my mom at least once a day, sometimes more. Recently, we'd been really busy and I didn't talk to her for THREE whole days... that was a FIRST!

My parents are my rock... the foundation on which I grow. I look to them for everything and ask them before doing just about anything I do. I love them both, more than they may ever know!

Here is a picture from my wedding day - of course we're not all looking at the camera!!