Watch My Garden Grow - Week 1

It feels funny posting about the garden again, since I just started posting about it last night.... But, since I'm on a schedule now, I won't post about it again until next Saturday, and then it will feel like a really long time since my last gardening posts!

Not much has happened in the garden this week - no buds - but man the height of the plants has at least doubled! I'm so proud of my little planties (slap me now...). They did well through the fire scare, if they had any amount of smoke exposure, they show no signs of it. The herbs do seem to be having a bit of a hard time, I'm not sure if it's adjustment or if they need less sun or more sun... time will tell. I've not been able to gauge their sun exposure, mainly because I didn't think about it this week (it was just a TAD bit crazy here... ugh!), but I will start timing how much direct sun they get in a day and see what we can do to help. Being in the back corner, they are shaded from the worst of the afternoon sun, but they get a pretty good dose of morning sun.

So, here are the pictures for this week:

Zucchini and Crooknecked Squash
These look the best. They've grown the most, stayed very green and the leaves look very healthy. I'm so excited about this - I LOVE both squashes and they are so versatile. You can make zucchini so fancy (ribbons with parmesan cheese) or so everyday (quartered and sauteed). You can add it to stir fry or salad, eat it plain... anything! So yummy. And together?! Oh yes... saute or bake zucchini and yellow squash with some yellow onion, and man... do you have a great side dish. And easy too!!

Jalapenos and Red Onions
I think our biggest red onion is growing in this pot... the fat stalk on the left hand side... I can't wait until these pop!

Tomatoes, Sage and Red Onions
The sage is really looking healthy - the best of all the herbs.

Basil, Cilantro, Tomatoes and Red Onion
Look at that basil grow!! It's so tall!! My cilantro looks a little sad, not sure what to do about that... and the tomatoes have a little yellowing around the edged of the leaves. This is the one pot with the most consistent shade, maybe it needs a little more sun? Not sure, but we'll be tracking it more this week to see what helps it.

Can't you taste this already?! I can not wait to make bruschetta with this... Ahhh!! My mouth is watering already!! It looks a tiny bit wilty, so this also needs a sharp eye all week...

My green onions have not spouted at all (seeds, remember?), so I'll post some pics when they start to come through... maybe I should say "if" they come through?! Kinda worried... I've not got a green thumb to start with, much less from scratch! LOL...

Is your garden harvesting yet???

What are you doing with your goodies?

Do you can them or eat them fresh?

Do you have a favorite recipe you love to use your garden grown foods for?

Well, that's all for this week in the garden. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with a green thumb?! :0)