This Is Not Easy...!

I haven't even been able to start yet! I've been working for a week to put together my notebook!!! Procrastination? Maybe... but I want it to be just perfect. I've been trying to figure out all the things I want to put into my notebook and most importantly, the time management tools I want to use. I've really utilized the posts I linked to last week as well as Microsoft Templates for Word, Excel and Works and spruced it all up with my own ideas.

Here are some problems I've run into... basically, I'm moderate-severe OCD in that I CAN NOT... CAN NOT, CAN NOT, CAN NOT... did I say CAN NOT???... stand it... when I have handwritten notes on typed pages. UNLESS it's the type of page that requires notes.... I also can not write on a page in a different color ink than the original ink. And, as Reagan's preschool director learned this week, I can not stand to cross things out on a form and add/update new things. I'd rather just have a new form. When I was in school, if a teacher (usually math teachers) made marks on my pages when I asked for help, I HAD to get rid of them, and if that meant starting over, start over I did. Maybe that explains why I did so poorly in math... like failing remedial college algebra...?? Sorry mom, it wasn't laziness after all! It was my OCD ;) I honestly believe that if I WANTED an A in a class, I could have it in ANY class but math. I was a horrible student, not because I wasn't smart but because I was lazy, uninterested and always had something better I could be doing (like rewriting the encyclopedia, drawing the flags of every state or memorizing all the SAT words in the dictionary...). Yes, I actually did those things, but write a report on Barbara Streisand? Nope, don't want to, you can't make me and I won't. Well, I did... but I hated every moment of it and now have a severe fear of her. Rambling again? OK... probably another reason I wasn't a great student!!!

Now do you see why it is so hard for me to get this notebook done?! *Insert 100 other things I will decide I need to do while doing this* and NOTHING is ever completely finished. Do they actually call that adult ADD??

Well, I did complete my Dry Erase Glass Calendar! I am SOOOO proud of it! So proud, in fact, that it is already 24 hours old and has yet to be hung on the wall :/ BUT, that is a task for tonight. After I spent 4 straight hours working on it last night I needed some time with my hubby. We had a cheese fondue and finished watching Season 6 of Gray's Anatomy. That's another post for another day.

Pictures you ask? Pictures you get! Here is my version of the Dry Erase Glass Calendar...

This picture has poor lighting but no glare...

This picture has horrible lighting (flash) but the colors are more true to life.

So, I'm in love with it! I can not wait to hang it and start using it. I had the frame from a picture we'd purchased long ago and had hanging in our old house. When we moved, we changed the style of our home and we also have a lot less wall space due to a more open floor plan and larger windows and doors and just couldn't find a place to hang a picture that large. The frame is 28"x21". We had planned to throw out the entire picture, frame and all but it was perfect for this project! The inspiration from Somewhat Simple used only the glass with no backing, however I was very nervous about having exposed glass in the house, especially where we decided to hang it, and I wasn't sure the color of our walls would be optimal for the markers. My other problem was I don't know how to cut vinyl and even if I did, I don't have a Cricut font that I love... or really like for that matter - not when doing something that doesn't need a whimsical feel. So, I bought poster mat at Hobby Lobby. The mat was 30"x40" and was $7.99. It was not on sale, but the ever handy Hobby Lobby coupon of the week was 40% off, so after that the mat was $4.79. Pretty reasonable. The lettering is stickers. Yup, stickers. All stickers were 50% so I bought 2 different styles of American Crafts Remarks letter stickers. The larger letters for our name and the year are Hazel in black and the smaller upper case and lower case letters are JFK in black. Each pack was $7.99 but half off, so I got all the stickers (all 1300 of them...) for less than $8. I did everything on that board and could probably make it again at least 3 times. TONS of stickers and plenty of each letter. The Hazel stickers only come in black and there are about 300 in the pack. The JFK stickers you get in both black and white and there are over 1000 in that pack. Perfect for my project. Kyle and I both love fleur de lis and we love to decorate with it. I bought a small stencil and used that to place the fleur on the mat board with a Sharpie. The project cost me $19.10 after buying the mat, stencil, stickers and 2 new Sharpies (ummm, hello... those are NOT cheap!). Since I can use everything again, the cost of the project will eventually even itself out and I think under $20 is well worth it!

I had a hard time deciding where to hang it, but we've decided it will hang on the wall in the entry from the garage near the pantry door and also near the kitchen. This is a highly trafficked area in our home, it will be seen well and seen often and in my experience, that is a huge help for making something useful. Out of sight, out of mind, right?? That is sooooooo true in my life, so true.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to print out everything I need for my notebook and put it together while Reagan is in school. Part of my new planned & organized life is shopping for groceries on Monday. I will be starting this tomorrow... grocery shopping after taking Reagan to school on Monday. Monday and only Monday! Wish me luck...

I've not had much time to find new ideas since I've been working hard to implement the ones I've found! I know I will be making the cleaning box soon and I've been eying this Lost Sock board, also from Somewhat Simple (can you tell what my new fave website is?!). My laundry room is very bland. Very white and very bland. I need something to spruce it up, maybe that will help me do the laundry more often....?! *Here's to wishin'...*

Isn't it cute...?!

So this is totally on my upcoming list.

Agenda for the week:
  • Finish my notebook
  • Make my Cleaning Box
  • Keep my house clean
  • Hang and use my new glass calendar
  • Make a homemade meal every night (haven't decided about Ash Wednesday though)
Eesh! I better get busy and stop rambling on here!! Have a great Monday blogville!