Meal Planning - March 20-26

I promised, and I'm delivering!!! A day late and a dollar short, but it's here!


Here is my menu plan for the week - I will link up recipes from other sites or as I write them up and add pictures when I can.

Sunday - Herb Roasted Whole Chicken w/ garlic butter linguine and salad
Monday - Little Caesar's Pizza (sorry... haha... had to happen tonight - I have a meeting at 7PM)
Tuesday - Fettuccine Alfredo w/ salad
Wednesday - Cornflake Chicken Tenders w/ Pasta Roni and green beans
Thursday - Kung Pao Chicken w/ white rice
Friday - BBQ Chicken Quarters w/ ranch style beans and skillet corn
Saturday - TBD - will update...

What? What did you say?! Are you mocking my Pasta Roni?! Hmph!! Did you expect me to make EVERYTHING from scratch?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Oh, no... I'm not laughing at you, sorry... I'm just, HAHAHAHAHA... wow, that was a good one, everything from scratch.... Oh, you weren't mocking me? *whew* That's good... moving on!

Yes, I serve LOTS of Pasta Roni - we LOVE it. My daughter can eat a whole box by herself. Same with Rice-A-Roni... I'll post my Kung Pao recipe now and add pictures to it Thursday or Friday! We usually go to the grocery store Friday or Saturday, so I'll post Saturday's meal once we decide.

Will this help you this week with meals? Or next week, since it's *this* week, already?!

Well... gotta get to thinking about next week... you know, a bit of advice... if you are having meal planning problems - ask for recipes from your friends on Facebook!!! I asked for a quick chicken recipe and had 20 responses within 30 minutes! Awesome networking!!!