Home Organization Binder


It's here! It's done! Well, almost - I still need to add contact information, but other than that - done deal! I'm going to post some pictures and then I'll also post pictures of the pages I'm using. If you would like the blank pages, I'd love to share them with you - please email me or leave a comment with your email address and I will be happy to share with you!

Here it is...!

I used a notebook and some dividers I had lying around. I love this notebook, so I'm glad to have a new purpose for it!

These dividers are perfect - you can use them over and over. I'd previously written on all of these dividers with a Sharpie, so I figured I couldn't use them again - but, *genius idea* that squirty stuff you use on dry erase?? Yep - takes Sharpie off of these dividers! They're not really laminated, but they are glossy and it was easy and perfect!!

I have 10 dividers:

Daily Schedules
Weekly To-Do Lists
Cleaning Info
Meal Planning
Grocery Lists
Shopping Lists
Contact Information
Medical Records
Projects & Miscellaneous (this is a folder divider)

The Daily Schedules divider holds both the Daily Routine and the Daily Schedule pages. I placed one Daily Routine in front of 7 Daily Schedules, I'm loving this... I have every day right at my finger tips like you would in an agenda you buy at the store, but I have so much more control over it - it's customized to me - that, and I like the font :0)

As you can tell, there wasn't much on my schedule yesterday, haha!

Calendar... one for each month ;)

Weekly Routine - one page to keep up with the most important stuff every day - but one that can be customized to the specific things happening that week.

Monthly Cleaning Calendar... I will do one for each month - just an overview of what is going on. While I'm getting used to this, the days of the week will look very similar.

Meal Planning and Groceries...

My Grocery List - I can not wait to actual use a whole list!!!

Shopping List - one place to write down the things we need and want for ourselves, Reagan and the house. I really need a new Swiffer, since ours broke but I can't just get one on a whim. So, it's on the list!

Medical Info... do you keep this info written down somewhere?? I didn't - not really... I usually write an email to my mom or mother-in-law with what is going on with Reagan, so I'd be able to find the info there - but otherwise, I rely on my memory. Just last night, while filling this out, I realized my memory is already not what it used to be! I have one for each family member and can just add another page when one is full.

Here is a picture of each page, so you can see what it looks like - again, if you'd like to get your own copies of these, please email me from the link above or post a comment with your email address. I don't mind sharing - and obviously, when I email then to you, my schedule and info won't be on them!!

Hope this helps you get organized! I'll post a link of sites that also have these binders, so you can get more than one perspective soon too! Happy Organizing!