Goals, Goals and a Recipe


Do you have a set of goals for your day each day? What about your week? Do you plan goals on a more long term basis? Monthly, quarterly, annually?? I'm sure we all have goals that we work on from time to time, whether it's losing weight, cooking at home more than eating out, going to church more often... things you set as resolutions at the beginning of each year - but do you do them?? Do you follow through? My main focus right now is setting attainable goals.

My housework goals are to tackle laundry and cleaning on a daily basis. Doing a load each day helps minimize the "I have to do a load of laundry RIGHT now at 10PM!!" It also ensures that the sheets are always clean, the towels always fresh and that the husband has something to wear to work each day. And really, what is one load of laundry in a day?? It doesn't take THAT much time, right?? I'm sure it doesn't once you start to do it routinely. I also need to incorporate a daily chore - whether it's cleaning the bathrooms on Mondays or dusting the ceiling fans... something that gets things done in my house on a regular basis instead of an as needed basis. Kyle and I are pretty good about keeping our kitchen clean. We are in it constantly. But, trust me... there are many times where I don't touch the kitchen after eating and man, I hate myself the next day! I am pretty constant about washing the food off and out of things, but I will leave a stack of rinsed off dishes to be loaded for the next day, any day. This also goes back to my thought of the day on Saturday - why leave for tomorrow what you can get done today? I need somebody to make me a cute little vinyl for my wall with that quote so I can see it everyday. I am really trying hard to live by this right now.

Another goal that I am hoping to reach soon is getting up before Reagan and taking a shower every morning. I used to be so good at this - before the holidays, before the fatigue, before the constant feeling of "5 more minutes" (that almost always turn into 15 or 20). I have been so bad about going through my day, showering when Reagan naps, at night or - let's face it... did I shower last Tuesday?! Hmmm.... I did shower today, ha! I know I can not be the only SAHM who wonders at the end of the day "Did I take a shower today??" And sometimes, I realize right at bed time, when I know I will have to shower in the morning and I just can't make myself do it twice within 12 hours... ever feel like that? No?? It's just me then...! If I could just get up at 7:45 each morning, shower and dry my hair, wouldn't my whole day look better?! Wouldn't I feel more awake and up for the challenges of the day? I could take Reagan to the park on a whim, run to the grocery store without batting an eyelash... surprise my husband for lunch? OK, going too far....

And here we go... Do you feel in control of your life? And I mean, truly in control - not just the in control enough to say you are, to yourself or your friends. Are you seriously in control of your life? Well, let me backtrack - none of us are actually in control of our LIVES... we let higher powers handle that for us.... But the day-to-day functions of your life - are you actually in control? I'm so NOT in control. Not one bit. Not here, not there, not anywhere. I wake up, come downstairs with Reagan, turn on a cartoon for her, check my email, Facebook and news for the day... we read some stories, play with Barbies, do whatever (sometimes we stare at each other) until lunch time. Reagan eats lunch, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours if I let it... then it's upstairs for nap. She's been more into quiet time than nap time lately, but usually 1-2 times a week she will nap. She is usually out of her room around 3:30-4:00 and then we have cuddle time and watch something together until daddy comes home. There is no actual routine to it, and usually my day involves me sitting on my butt. We never go outside when Daddy isn't here (did somebody say Vitamin D deficiency?!), we usually don't learn much... we are just here. Now, I've tried homeschooling Reagan, and that is just a whole other post for some other day... but even just the daily learning... not so much. Our interactions are at a medium, and I hate that. But lately, I've been so tired and so worn out and so... well, let's admit it - irritable... that it makes the life of my little love a bit bland. I'm sure she wishes everyday was a school day - but then I'm being too hard on myself. Fine line I tell you...! So, back to being in control... what does control mean?? Does it mean scheduling every day from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed? Does it mean making lists of things to do and checking off each item one by one? Does it mean setting an alarm to tell you when it is time to do something else? Does it mean reminding yourself 100 times that your email, Facebook, blogs and even CNN will be there later? Does it mean eating breakfast? Does it mean doing a little something extra each day? To each person, being in control will mean many different things... but to me, I think it means each and every one of those things... and over time, it will be habit and it won't feel so "forced" maybe.... So, I have to get in control. In control of MYSELF first and foremost, in control of my body, in control of my health and in control of my happiness and along the way, in control of my home. I made a conscious decision with my husband to stay out of the workforce and take care of my daughter. That wasn't a one way ticket to lazyville although the last 4 years it seems that's what I've done more than anything. So... one way ticket back purchased, and in hand! Let's do this! Out of control is a thing of the past... control here I come!! *This is where my pep squad jumps in to cheer me on....* Yep, uh-huh - that's YOU!

Do you ever think "Man, if I was single or childless, my house would be spotless... What do all those single and childless people do with all their time?!" You ever think that... Yeah, I think that ALLLLL the time... and then I remember my single and childless days... and you know what?! My house wasn't any cleaner. NOT.AT.ALL. If anything, it may have been messier b/c I had no reason to do anything about it. Sure, it took it longer to get messier, but that just meant the time in between cleaning was THAT much longer too. It's all relative... truly. Same goes for money - you spend to your limit. You make more money? Yay! You spend more... so you still have that same little nest at the end of the month - no more than when you made less. Same thing with the house - you have more time?? You just do something else with it. You have to MAKE the time. You may even have to CREATE the time. You have to make it important enough to set your time aside and do the things that need doing. I have to do this. I have to. Do you??

So... I also said recipe, didn't I?! Uh huh... and a GREAT one!! Kyle and I used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman's website, although it was written by her friend Ryan. We made some changes, as we usually do - ha... and it was SUPERB!

You can find the recipe I mentioned here.

I've just about finished my Home Organization Binder - so that will be posted VERY soon (maybe tomorrow?!). Til' then...