Cleaning Inspiration

So... I'm not the best housekeeper.... NOT.AT.ALL. I am actually horrible at keeping my house straightened and cleaned. Oh sure, I wash the dishes all the time (that is therapeutic actually) but bathrooms? floors? laundry (haha)? Ummm, no. Our house gets a good deep cleaning every time we know we will have company, but if you drop by on the fly, oh buddy - you're in for it!

Why am I this way?? Well, for starters, I've ALWAYS been this way. When I was a little girl and my mom would tell me to clean my room, I'd tell her "I like it the way it is, if you want it clean you can do it yourself!" ::Do you guys remember what I said about my perfectly sassy child? She MUST get that from her father... MUST...:: So, then my mom would usually pay my much older sister money to clean my room and I never had to do it. I've deciding... being the baby of the family is soooooo wonderful when you're a child... and SOOOOOO horrible when you become an adult. I also don't have that gut instinct to finish what I start. I'm a quitter... plain and simple. If I don't like something I don't push myself to finish it. I say "Why would I put myself through this for something I don't want to do?!" So there are a few checks against me with housecleaning already. Then there is the whole... it's just so not fun! I'd so rather be crafting or watching TV or playing online... or all those other things I like to spend my me time on... other than cleaning. And to top it all off, my husband is exactly the same way I am. He may have different reasons, because I KNOW his momma made him clean his own room... BUT, alas, we are the same.

So, no matter how bad my house looks I will ALWAYS tell you it looks absolutely horrific so you think I am usually tidier than this. There you go... that's it, my secret is out. Now, what I love about this line is that friends usually say "Oh girl, you've never seen my house when it is out of order!" I have a few problems with this statement. 1. No, you're right, I haven't. This is either b/c I'm not crazy enough to show up at somebody's house unannounced or you're house isn't EVER like this... and 2. You're lying anyway! Well, maybe not everybody... but most of the people I know, would be lying in trying to tell me their house is messier than mine.

Let's put it this way... when Kyle and I straighten our room, our three year old usually asks us what happened. :/

So, remember that whole "New Blog, New Life?" post??? THIS PART OF MY LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE!!!! I've found a whole slew of websites devoted to home cleaning, home organization and changing your home care habits. I will be taking a little time to go through sites and work out ideas/plans that work for me, my house and my family.

What blogs do you read that deal with home cleanliness?? Here are a few I've found so far...

Of course there is FlyLady.

FlyLady helps you come up with a program by using a step-by-step program. You start out small... clean and shine your sink everyday, get up and get ready every morning, do hotspots for a short time everynight, etc, etc. Her program is good, but it is a jump in and go and never look back type of thing and I'm just not sure I'll stick to it.

Then, I found this idea from Sister's Stuff and immediately fell in love!!! If you know me at all, you know I am a list person. I am the most organized, unorganized person you will EVER meet. I am creative and creativity lends itself to messiness, although that almost seems like an oxymoron. I keep lists for everything. I make a list everytime we leave town (although not lately as my mother-in-law can tell you, as I've sent Reagan to stay the weekend without shoes and mst recently without any panties...). I have a list of everybody in our wedding pictures and how many they were in. I have a list of every item of clothing I own. I have a list (this should be plural) for every crafting item in my craft room, and if you've seen this you know it's a mini-Hobby Lobby in there. I'm a list freak. It calms me when I'm not feeling so centered. I know this must mean I have some severe form of OCD... but whatever it means, it is just me. Plain and simple, it is who I am. Off track and rambling? You don't say.... Back to the Sister's Stuff idea...!!

Here is the notebook they posted:

The gals at Sister's Stuff found inspiration for this book from Missy over at So You Think You're Crafty. This notebook will be a must have for my new cleanly life!

Sticking to the notebook idea, here is another idea that is a different kind of notebook, but I will incorporate this into my above notebook. This is from Sarah over at Clover Lane - great idea for any of you who need serious spring cleaning or are about to sell your home!

Another great Sister's Stuff idea (one of my new fave blogs...) is this: Cleaning Box.

One word: AMAZING!!! This is also a must have on my new venture. You know, I'm partially convinced I like these things b/c it gives me a way to craft AND clean...!!

And lastly, for today... this is also on my project list. It isn't much of a cleaning tool, but it is definitely an organizational tool and I will be making this with an old frame too!

Dry Erase Glass Calendar from Somewhat Simple. I am sooooo ready for this one to be hung on my wall!!

So.... I will be working on these ideas and implementing them into my house. I will post my results as they are finished and let you know how my progress is.

My house received a brutal shake down last week in preparation for friends coming in from out of town and I am happy to report that with the exception of today (which isn't over and only because I didn't go to bed until 5AM this morning and woke at 7:15) our house has stayed extremely clean and tidy and smells like home!