Back to Normal?!

Well, we had company all weekend and then again yesterday and today... needless to say, we've had no sense of normality or order in at least 5 days and with tomorrow being Thursday... the gateway to Friday (!!), there will be no "normal" until Monday, at the earliest! So... I'm not even attempting to be on my game until then. I'm breaking for spring! :0)

You might notice some changes happening around my blog - I've added some recipes I can't wait to try on the sidebar and made sure I added Menu Planning to my menu bar. I've also updated the About Us page with the story of our family.

While Kyle's parents were here, Kyle's dad helped us get started on some gardening. We weren't sure were we wanted to build a garden, so he helped us out with some very large round tubs that we can plant in - one tub should hold 2-3 tomato plants and maybe a dozen onion bulbs. So, we will do that in one pot, then maybe 6 or so squash plants in another and no idea for the other 2! But, we will be planting in them this weekend. I can't wait to head out to find plants. We are also hoping to build a trough for herbs. We currently grow rosemary in our front flower bed, but we'd like to plant some basil, cilantro, parsley, maybe some thyme and mint... I'd love dill, but it is so fragile... so we'll see. We love to cook with fresh herbs and buying them in the store is SOOO expensive!! A bunch of basil is almost $3 and gets you maybe 1 cup of chopped basil. If you just wanted a sprig or something like that for presentation, it's just too expensive to do. Not sure if we will tackle that job this weekend or not, but I'll keep you posted!

I know with the blog being new, I've not been posting daily. That is where I'd like to get... daily posts. I will theme each day - I know for sure I will do a Happy Homemaker Day focused on the things that I use to make my life easier, I will do a menu planning day, a craft corner day and who knows what else - I'm still planning.... That said, I want to let you know, that I will NOT bo posting anything this Friday, Match 18th as I am participating in a Bloggers Day of Silence out of respect for the numerous disasters in Japan.

I was one of the first people that I know of to know about the earthquake - I couldn't sleep that night, I was awake still around 12:30AM and got on Facebook on my phone. A friend of mine, who lives in Hawaii now, posted about the possibility of tsunami, leading me to check CNN. At the time I checked, the initial reports were a 7.4 magnitude earthquake and the small possibility of tsunami. Of course, as we now know, those preliminary reports were wrong - so very, underestimated. I stayed awake at least 2-3 more hours watching CNN and reeling over what I was seeing. The poor people of Japan - one quake after another... and the aftershocks were still severe earthquakes. I remember wondering when they would stop, how scary it must be to live there and just wait for them to end and the thought that any minute now, Japan would just sink into the ocean if that quakes continued. Of course, the last thought was probably very far-fetched, but the possibility ran my mind - could that really happen?! To what extent would the damage be and how much more could they handle? I fell asleep just as the first reactor went into flames. We all know the terror we've felt upon watching the 1st reactor in fire, then the 3rd, the 2nd and most recently the 4th. And speculation over the safety of the areas surrounding the plant. Just scary... downright terrifying. I can't imagine how I'd feel about my own health in that situation, but can you imagine, as a mother... knowing there is nothing NOTHING you can do to protect your child from that?! And your mind races... of course to Chernobyl and the devastation there. Does this have the potential to be that bad? The potential to be much worse?! I live in South Central Texas... my daughter has pretty moderate asthma - you know what somebody recently told me about that?? Chernobyl... it could be a stretch, but you wanna talk about thinning the ozone layer?! What did Chernobyl do to that?? Do I sound fanatical now?! HA! But seriously... I live half a world away (literally) and I am fearful of what the long term, wide spread effects of this disaster are. I am fearful for the people of Japan, most definitely and most of all, but I also fear for our world, our nation and our health, is that bad?? So, all of that said... I will be silent Friday. You will see a post Thursday with more information about this cause, and that is it until Saturday at the earliest.

I feel like this is all I say lately... but stay tuned to my blog! I am just getting rolling, just setting a routine and I have great plans in store for this blog! I will be updating so many sections soon - especially the cleaning section as I get into a routine and start really getting groovy with new cleaning concoctions (hopefully all non-toxic, HA!).